What Website Should I Promote On Facebook?


Excellent question!

First things first, let’s remind ourselves that when using Facebook as a traffic source, you usually want to drive traffic to a website in order to generate leads, and convert those leads into sales. You do need a product or service to sell, or how could you make any profit?

In this post, we’re going to talk about 2 types of promotion activity:

  1. Free Traffic on Facebook: when you post your website link on your wall and you do not intend on using paid advertising to boost your post
  2. Paid Traffic on Facebook: when you insert the link to your website in one of the Facebook Ad types

Of course, you need to have fans on your Facebook fanpage. 500 fans  (and growing) is good to start implementing the below strategies.

First Option: Free Traffic on Facebook

When one of your fans is finally clicking on one of your links on your Facebook wall, you want to take them to a landing page to get their email address. This way, you can then be in touch with them every day and you won’t have to rely on Facebook showing or not your Facebook posts to this fan to stay in touch and build a relationship with him.

If you don’t have a landing page yet, then you need to get one and I’ve put together a short-but-important Lead Generation Guide for you.

Of course, once in a while, you’ll probably be posting your Blog Posts on your wall and that’s fine (If you don’t have a blog, don’t worry about it just yet)

But for every Facebook post that you create where you clearly intend to generate leads, post a link to one of your landing pages. Offer different lead magnets as your fans might have different interests all link to the same product you offer. For example, fans interested in the Facebook traffic source could be interested in:

  • free traffic,
  • paid traffic
  • creating a Facebook fanpage
  • using your profile to grow your business on Facebook
  • Instagram
  • what images to share on Facebook to get maximum engagement
  • what type of contents to post
  • how often to post about their products and offers
  • …etc

Out of all these ideas, you could find something to offer that would be irresistible, that’s one lead magnet.

Create multiple lead magnets for maximum reach so that you don’t miss a fan interested in Instagram and not interested in paid traffic.

As a reminder of what you are able to learn on your Facebook Cheat Sheets, you should post by the rule 80/20. 80% content, 20% offers and products.

If you don’t have time to post content several times a day on your Facebook fanpage, I recommend you use an online service I personally use called Post Planner. It’s only $9/month (best plans are annual) and this tool will help you find images and content targeted to your audience that you can program to be published on certain times of the day.

The schedule I'm using to post on my Facebook fanpage

The Post Planner schedule I’m using to post on my Facebook fanpage

Here is an example of a Facebook post on my Facebook fanpage that I didn’t pay Facebook to promote. Views are all organic. This Facebook post includes a link to my 5 Step Online Profit Formula Formula landing page (great content by the way to make 6 figures in 6 months online).

Capture d’écran 2015-10-19 à 18.11.59

Here is a second example where I’m just sharing a nice image with an inspiring quote and I’m adding some ressource (through a landing page) for my fans who are ready to take action and learn how to do it for themselves:

Capture d’écran 2015-10-19 à 18.08.20

As you can see, this Facebook post reached 203 people completely organically. My target audience really liked this quote. I had my 5 Step Online Profit Formula landing page URL included in this post for those ready to take action.

With these examples, you were able to see some concrete illustrations of how to promote your landing page on Facebook. It’s much safer to avoid landing pages in paid ads and introduce them in your feed posts.

Now let’s see what website you can promote on your Facebook ads.

Second Option: Paid Traffic on Facebook

Promoting a landing page through paid advertising on Facebook is a great and easy way to… end up in Facebook jail!

Some landing pages still go through Facebook surveillance and get accepted. Though, in the make-money-online industry, Facebook is extremely severe. For example, Facebook hates to see something like: “Click here to learn about my course that will show you how you’re going to make $10,000 in 2 weeks”. Bad, bad, bad. You’re sure to get your account definitely shut down without any way to appeal.

If you’re new to Facebook Ads, I highly recommend you don’t take this path, and go for a much safer long-lasting way: promoting your blog posts!

Facebook is all about improving the user experience. Landing pages are not really what we could call user-friendly. On the other way, blog posts are cool for people.

Also note that if you improve the user experience, not only will your ad account not get shut down, but you could also get better cost per click (CPC).

People don’t think they can get sold through a blog post. Only the best online marketers are using this technic to generate leads. And that’s why I really recommend you to do just that. That’s what I’m actually doing as well.

Promoting your blog posts to your Facebook fans will help your brand get noticed.

Notice how I told you to promote your blog post to your Facebook fans. Yes! that’s very important, don’t go out and promote your blog post to just anybody, as people will need to see your blog posts multiple times before they click on it, and they’ll also need to visit your blog most likely multiple times before they subscribe to your newsletter.

But here is the most important fact:

When writing your blog post, it should be giving out value content to your fans while enticing your fans to subscribe to get your lead magnet. At the end of the post, you should have a call-to-action that tells why your fan should click on a link that’s going to take them to one of your lead magnet. Most blog readers don’t see the sidebar anymore, they just scan the blog post and quickly move on. So you really want your content to be outstanding and you want to spend a good amount of time formulating your call-to-action so that your reader will be very interested in your lead magnet. Otherwise, the reader is just going to surf away.

The content of your blog post should be talking about one aspect related to your lead magnet. Maybe, one angle, or one perspective, or a testimonial or case study. It’s very important as you want targeted traffic to end up on your landing page or you won’t get any subscriptions. Moreover, your readers will think you’re a fool, and won’t see the bridge between your blog post content and your call-to-action. Your whole content has to be really well-put together and flowing towards your call-to-action.

I’d like to give you an example as I believe a good example creates more clarity.

I’m currently promoting this blog post on Facebook: 6 Real Mistakes Affiliate Marketers Should Avoid Like The Plague

Capture d’écran 2015-10-19 à 17.29.50

Actually, you might have seen the ad if you liked my Facebook fanpage.

Capture d’écran 2015-10-19 à 17.30.36

This ad is taking my fans to my blog. It increases the number of visits to my blog, but more importantly, it’s taking them to this blog post specifically written to transform my fans into leads. This blog post is written as follow:

  • Enticing title
  • Value content laying out the 6 mistakes most affiliate marketers make online
  • Bridge
  • Call-to-action

I’m also offering immediate solutions (cures as I call them) to my readers so that they immediately see the type of value I can offer them. I recommend you take the time to read that blog post as it’s an excellent example of value content with a purpose.

Between the content and the call-to-action, there is a bridge, which links what I’ve been talking about in the post with my landing page/lead magnet. This bridge is very important, as if you don’t write it right, the call-to-action will sound pitchy or off topic.

Then in my call-to-action, I share with them how I can help them go to the next level if they liked the type of content I offered them.

Capture d’écran 2015-10-19 à 17.37.50

Then I placed a couple links to my lead magnet. If they click on it, they’ll be redirected to my landing page about my 5 Step Online Profit Formula to make 6 figures in 6 months online.

There is a debate about this strategy: some argue that promoting blog posts generates you less leads. In a way, it’s true. For the same budget, you’d probably generate more leads if you immediately took your fans to your landing page. The problem is that Facebook is less favorable towards taking Facebook users to landing pages and as such, it’s much easier to get into Facebook jail and get your account shut down.

It’s thus a good strategy to build your brand, generate awareness and also generate excellent leads that already know you and like you.

What If You Don’t Have A BLOG?

You should consider creating one. But what if I could create your blog for you? After all, technology can be scary and you’ve got better things to do than learn how to install a blog. If you’re serious about blogging, simply have me install your blog. Read how that’s possible here.

I had been thinking about sharing this strategy with you for a while now and it’s been fun to put this training together for you. I hope you enjoyed it very much! If you’re serious about making 6 figures online in 6 months using Facebook, then you’re probably going to want to have a look at My 21 Step Top Tier Business System. It’s a completely automated marketing system that paid over $50 million in commissions in the last few years to people just like you. All you’ll have to focus on is drive targeted traffic using the traffic sources of your choice and we’ll even take good care of you through our Team Training Website where we teach you different marketing methods to generate targeted traffic. You can do this with only 45 minutes a day. Click here to apply before all spots are filled out…

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