What A System Is Worth


What a system is worth… It’s worth everything to you, let me tell you why in the video below:

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You know, when I got started in network marketing, I had no idea I would use the internet to build my business to a 6 figure income in less than a year. But that’s what happened! I’ve seen people struggle for months trying to build their MLM business the old ways, using cold calling, home parties and hotel meetings. It works for some and there are ways to make it work, don’t get me wrong, but it’s so much more comfortable to build your biz from your sofa!

1 Good Reason To Use The Internet As Your Primary Method Of Prospection

When I got started in network marketing, probably just like you, I was living in a small student room where it was out of the question to even think about inviting people to a biz opportunity presentation. It just wasn’t reflecting the lifestyle. How could people believe ME they could make $1000, $10000, or even $100000 (per month) when I was living in a small appartment…?

As I got successful, it became easier to invite people into my home and let them know about my biz and how they could get involved. But do you see how the snake is bitting his tail here? If you wait to be successful to invite people into your home, how are you going to become successful? Also I had talked to everyone I knew about my biz opp. No one had joined me (not a single sale, not a single distributor), so I had to find a better way to do this.¬†That’s why I liked the internet so much and decided to use it as my primary method to build my biz.

Starting Online

When I got started online, I had no idea what I was doing. I built a blog, I started doing videos (I wasn’t afraid compared to many) and I started spending hours and hours on the phone with my prospects helping them solve their MLM problems. I was very generous of my time at the time and I had no idea this would make such a big difference in my success.

Being a servant to so many, a true servant, trying to help them my best, teach them what I had learnt, they realized I wanted them to be successful: I was thinking more about them than about me. When I joined a very attractive and new company, all the people I had built a relationship with, through usually one phone call and my videos, decided to join me and be part of the adventure. It feels so good to lead so many people to change their lives.

That’s what a true leader does, a leader is a servant to his team.

But there was a problem: time. I reached financial freedom but I had no time freedom: I was on the phone all the time. ALL THE TIME. From 8am to midnight, sometimes 3 in the morning. It was exciting and completely crazy at the same time, and I knew I could not keep going that way forever.

Eventually, I burnt out. Helping everyone killed my energy.

But the good thing about a burn-out is that you really reflect on what happened, the situation, who benefited the most, and solutions to fix it.

First, I realized I couldn’t help everyone, it’s just impossible to be available that much on the phone all the time. Who would want that anyway? I was trying to help people make more money and gain more time in their life for their families and passions, and I wasn’t able to free up my time myself! This was totally counterproductive and I had a congruency issue. To me, and probably to you too, it’s very important to be congruent, “Do what you say” is my motto, really. But I still wanted to help as much as possible everyone who was willing to learn and implement what I taught.

The Key To Time Freedom

Then I realized I needed to find LEVERAGE. People need to be able to call somebody when they have a problem. Even when they don’t have a problem, they like this intimacy. At that point, I didn’t have the time to offer this intimacy relationship for free (remember I never charged money for that help!). Then I thought about anybody starting network marketing: everyone wants time and money. Usually, they get the money, and no time, and lots of time and no money. So even if you’re just starting out and you don’t have a team yet, your desire is most likely to make money online and have the time freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want.

To get where you want to be in life, you’ve got to think about it early on, because if you don’t, you could get trapped in a system you didn’t really want to be a part of. That’s what happened to me. I was on the wrong path, I kinda lost sight of what I really and truly wanted in life.

Because when you exactly know how much time you want to spend on your business each day, and how much money you want to make, then the right opportunities come knocking on your door. that’s how powerful the law of attraction is. So if you want both time and money, read this carefully…¬†You can still be a servant, I often tell you to email me your thoughts and questions, I always appreciate reading you, but I just don’t spend as much time on the phone as I used to because of my will to preserve my quality of life. However, I knew that if I didn’t want to be on the phone all day, someone else had to, because my team and my people would want to share their thoughts, ask their questions, with somebody, and have this somebody help them solve their problems.

That’s why when I heard of a program where there was a huge coaching team available for my team and that everyone on my team would get their own coach that they’d be able to call on skype or on the phone to get their questions answered, I thought the creator of that program was a genius.

You see, when we¬†learn something new, we all need someone to provide us with customized information depending on where we’re at, what we’ve done in the past, and where we want to go. That’s why having a sponsor, a coach, a mentor, is so important. Some people neglect finding a mentor and they usually end up broke. So having someone to talk to is extremely important. This someone also has to be someone successful in the same area that you want to be successful in, so that you can follow his path.

On top of that, you want the same thing for your own team. Because once you start enrolling some people, you don’t want to have to call everyone 10 times a day to see how they’re doing. You want to also be able to leverage a coach/mentor/sponsor’s time who will take good care of your team. And usually when we start having success in network marketing, we’re not very good sponsors. I remember the first people I sponsored, I wasn’t very good at it. Then of course with practice, I became better and better at it. But I probably burnt those several people I first sponsored. So having a coach/mentor/sponsor who will take good care of your team, and also WHO IS TRAINED to do so in the best manners WILL make a difference in your business. A TREMENDOUS Difference. Think about it…

This is just part of what I learned on my journey to becoming a top earner in my company. I can’t write it all as it would take a really long time, just know that this program goes through many obstacles and concerns you’ll probably encounter and that you can trust that you’ll get your questions answered with the help of your coach.

I like this casual way of talking to you, let me know if you enjoyed this format in the comments below ūüėČ

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