53 Ways to Build Your Online Authority That Will Bring You Out Of The Shadow

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Online authority, you need it, you want it, but do you know how to earn it? Brand authority has nothing to do with justice… It’s about possessing personal power, that kind of power that shortens sales cycles and attracts buyers.

Everyone wants online authority but very few really know how to get it.

Building personal brand authority is probably the most important element of your marketing strategy for your online business.

You’ve probably heard different ways of building online authority such as create your own products, start a blog, or get interviewed. You unconsciously know what you need to do to build your brand authority just from looking at what other experts in your niche are doing and you’re trying to imitate them. But do you have a clear plan of action? Have you listed all the ways you’re going to use to build your brand? Or are you randomly doing this there and that over there?

I’ve put this blog post together so you could:

  • Grab a list of all the different ways to build your online brand
  • Select which ways fit your needs, wants and likes
  • Create a plan to build your online authority

As always, I’ve put a lot of time and effort to provide you an exhaustive list. I’ve filtered unrealistic or boring options that I would never do myself to leave you with the best solutions out there.

53 Ways to Build Your Online Authority That Will Bring You Out Of The Shadow. Click To Tweet…

Let’s get started :

Online Authority – Build Your Brand

  1. Clearly define your expertise – MagnoliaMediaNetwork
  2. Establish your brand identity
  3. Uncover your unique selling proposition
  4. Create a positioning statement for your brand – Source CultBranding
  5. Create your story, unique and compelling, a heart-felt story that describes why you’re in business – Source MarketingProfs
  6. Communicate shared core values
  7. Highlight your purpose, your brand’s core reason for being.
  8. Build your authority journey using the Marketing Hourglass (Know, Like, Trust, Try, Buy, Repeat, Refer)
  9. Work to keep your name in front of your market – Source Forbes

Online Authority – Content Marketing

  1. Be a credible source – Filter out the junk your audience doesn’t need to know. Source Hubspot
  2. Start a blog
  3. Provide compelling content to your niche market, exceed expectations.
  4. Provide shareable content
  5. Respond to your blog’s comments
  6. Write valuable comments on top blogs in your industry
  7. Create evergreen content that focus on very specific topics related to your expertise – Evergreen content is content that remains relevant for long, sometimes indefinite periods of time. Click To Tweet…
  8. Create case studies, a published report about a person, group, or situation that has been studied over time.
  9. Create a publishing calendar to consistently push quality content
  10. Curate content – A content curator is someone who continually finds, groups, organizes, filters and shares the best and most relevant content online on a specific topic, issue or niche. Click To Tweet…
  11. Build authoritative lists
  12. Build authoritative ressources
  13. Provide guest posts to blogs relevant to your niche. Guest blogging is another way to demonstrate your expertise across the web.
  14. Leverage influencers – Source Entrepreneur.com
  15. Extract quotes from your content to encourage others to share and quote you
  16. Host webinars
  17. Create infographics – using Piktochart
  18. Write longer pieces of content (whitepapers, ebooks, how-to guides) – Source Hubspot
  19. Create a podcast
  20. Host a Blog Talk Radio show

Online Authority – Social Networks

  1. Grow a strong social following
  2. Focus on 3 social media profiles at the most at first. Recommended ones to pick from are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn (Business to Business), Pinterest, Google Plus. It’s better to post consistently on one social media than to post once a week on three different platforms.
  3. Update your social media consistently
  4. Use paid advertising to extend the reach of your posts, keep in mind that we’re in the age of diminishing organic reach…
  5. Engage and build relationships with other thought leaders on social media
  6. Encourage the use of specific hashtags to spread your content on social media, for example using ClickToTweet
  7. Reply to comments on your social media profiles
  8. Host a Facebook group

Online Authority – Newsletter

  1. Regularly send your valuable content to your list using your autoresponder newsletter service
  2. Offer a lead magnet to build your list
  3. Add your lead capture page and your blog to your business cards

Online Authority – Recognition

  1. Collect testimonials from past clients, team members, partners, associates…etc
  2. Collect endorsements
  3. Promote certifications, degrees, ranks, achievements
  4. Compete in online contests for a chance to win industry awards
  5. Create an online course
  6. Charge premium prices – Source Copyblogger

Online Authority – Offline Engagement

  1. Participate in speaking engagements
  2. Write a book – How to write a book in 10 hours by Raymond Aaron
  3. Provide great customer service
  4. Create MeetUps
  5. Get published in local newspapers
  6. Teach an offline course
  7. Get interviewed

If you got value from this list to help you grow your online authority, please share it on your favorite social media networks!

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