VLOG Millionaire Mindset & E. Brian Rose (from JVZOO)


As an online marketer, it’s important to grow your vision about becoming  an online millionaire.

In this video, I cover different ways to grow your millionaire mindset and making 6 and 7 figures online.

If you don’t know any online millionaires, or you only know Frank Kern, (the most famous one?), I’m telling you about 2 people that made over 1$ million online: Vick Strizheus and E. Brian Rose.

Sorry for the wind at 5 min… I didn’t realize it was that bad when recording and my assistant tried her best during the editing to improve the sound but couldn’t do better than that…

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E. Brian Rose, who I mention in the video andwho created the JVZOO affiliate platform (over $75 million in revenue!), just created the Millionaire Within book package. As part of this package, you’ll get 6 month access to E. Brian Rose (through group coaching) who will personally answer any question you have about growing your 6 figure online business. I thought it was meaningful to mention his group coaching as part of the Millionaire Within book since you might be interested in having him in your personal network after watching me talk about him and his accomplishments…

Here are the benefits of joining the Millionaire Within “Ask Me Anything” Forum:

  • E. Brian Rose is the founder of the JVZOO affiliate platform. He knows everything there is to know about affiliate marketing, whether it’s creating your first product, finding affiliates, creating backend offers, setting up your funnel, driving traffic, generating leads, converting leads into buyers, he’s got it figured out and he can answer any question you have… and give you more guidance than you could think about. The art of mentoring is to answer questions and make suggestions before your student even asks and E. Brian Rose is a master at mentoring.
  • A forum offers much flexibility, and you’ll get to meet other like-minded people who are building an online business, just like you! You’ll be able to create a new circle of friends for yourself and to discuss challenges and share accomplishments. There is nothing like a social community to feel supported and a part of something bigger than you! 
  • It’s totally affordable ?

This is unvaluable!

Learn more about Millionaire Within and E. Brian Rose here…

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P.S. If you’re interested in learning from Vick Strizheus and mastering PPC (Pay-Per-Click), I recommend you check out this FREE PPC Crash Course that he put together and learn how this simple Pay-Per-Click campaign made him over $3 million in sales… If you’re more into learning about ALL traffic methods, then you’ll enjoy his FREE online class where you’ll learn the quickest list building method EVER…

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