The Simplest Overseen Source Of Traffic

Banner advertisement

Generating traffic is not as hard as it may seem. If you’ve read yesterday’s email, you now have your funnel setup and we can now start the FUN  part, which is getting leads!

I wanted to put you on an easy start with the simplest overseen source of traffic to generate leads. This source of traffic is not too sexy, but it’s effective.


Banner Ads!

What is a banner? It’s an image that shows your offer. You can see a couple of examples in the screencapture above (banners are in the red rectangles).

Watch the video below to learn exactly how I’m using banner ads as one of my source of traffic.

Whatever you’re promoting, I’m 100% sure the product owner is providing you banners to promote his product or service.

Just login to your backoffice and look for marketing tools. Find the banners provided and download them on your computer.

Now, all you have to do is find some place to show this banner.

You’re going to search for some websites where your potential buyers are hanging out, and you’re going to place your banners there so that those potential buyers see your banners, click on them, and end up on your landing page.

Yes, the easiest way to get leads is to show your offer where they are already hanging out online. Your leads are already on the internet. You just have to bring them on your landing page.

Search on Google what your potential buyer would search (what keyword would he type to find your product).

In the search results, you’ll get a list of websites, where you could potentially advertise your product through placing your banner on them.

Here is an example of the results you get if you search “make money online”. Only look at the websites that are NOT advertisements:

Capture d’écran 2015-10-14 à 22.29.09

Those websites in the Ad columns are paying to get traffic to their websites. The websites that accept banner advertisement are usually those who generate organic traffic through SEO. They’re trying to monetize the work they put into generating organic traffic by selling ad space.

Then what?

Open each website and look for advertising banners. If there are banners on the website, it’s likely that the owner of the site is accepting banner ads. Find the Advertise menu. If there isn’t any, look for the Contact menu. Contact the owner of the site to ask him for his rates.

That’s it!

When they respond, don’t forget to negotiate the rates. Be courteous (always!).

Do some tests, look at your results and adjust your advertisement. Then repeat.

I told you it was simple!

Not to reassured? Are you afraid that you can’t do this? That it’s not going to work for you?

How would you like to have a team of 6 and 7 figure earners take you by the hand and walk you through the process? We have a great community on Facebook through our Facebook group where we answer everyone’s question on how to generate leads and drive traffic to your offers.

I know how it feels to be alone in front of your computer, having to do this by yourself… it feels scary. You’re afraid to spend the small budget you have for advertisement and loose all your money not making a single sale.

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If you’ve read this post this far, you’re obviously really serious about making 6 figures in 6 months online and I just want to take some time to acknowledge you for that.

Most people never take the time to educate themselves the way you have.

You’re on this blog, you’re reading this, you’re focused and determined to do this now.

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