The Fastest Way To Make More Money With Your Leads

As an affiliate marketer growing your list consistently, you’re always looking for ways to make more money and sell more products to your list, while having integrity and providing the right products to the right leads, so that it’s a win-win.

Nowadays, internet marketing is very competitive. Your leads are most likely signed up to other marketer’s lists promoting to them consistently and people are more skeptical than in the early days: there are product launches almost all the time and over hyped promotions as well.

So increasing your conversions, having more leads buy the products you promote, has become a question of life or death for your business.

2 Ways to Make More Money With Your Leads

rising graphIf you are an internet marketer and you’ve picked an offer you’re driving trafic to, then you’re most interested on how to increase the number of people that buy that offer: increasing your conversions is high priority. You’re testing different headlines, images, you’re split testing between different landing page design and optimizing your Ads, whether on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube…etc

Actually, there are 2 great ways to increase your conversions and these are :

  • Email Follow Up
  • Phone Follow Up

How to Make More Money With an Autoresponder

You’re probably already doing email follow up so I’m not gonna get into much details here. It’s just a reminder that as an affiliate marketer, you can’t survive the internet marketing world without an autoresponder and sending emails to your list every day or almost.

An autoresponder is an online service that hosts your list, generate your webforms, sends emails to your list, whether newsletters or autoresponder emails and make sure that your emails are well-delivered. Examples are: Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, Infusionsoft…etc

But let’s focus on phone follow up, which as an affiliate marketer, you’re probably not very happy to have to do. But I’ll touch on a few solutions that will make a big difference for you.

How to Make More Money With the Phone

I know, you got into internet marketing so you could work from the beach, your laptop on your knees, and calling your leads is not very appealing to you. Oh, I feel just like you about that.

You might not know this about me but when I got started online back in 2008 to build my network marketing business, I built my blog, started getting leads and I called every single one of my leads for about 30 minutes… Fortunately for me at the time, I was only getting 2-3 leads a day, but out of a small list, I got to sponsor many people because I had that personal touch that made all the difference.

I was asking for my leads phone number and people were totally astonished to hear me on the phone give them advice for free. They thought I would never call. But I did and it made a huge difference. I was one of the rare to do that at the time. People really felt that I was serious and giving, that I was not expecting anything back from them, but that I wanted to meet new people and build a relationship with them.

Of course, as I became more successful, I didn’t have time to call all my leads as I was spending a lot of time training my growing team. Also I was getting many more leads so it was just impossible for me alone to call everyone. But this taught me a very important lesson: building a relationship with people over the internet is much faster if you call them. They know in an instant that you’re serious, you’re real and they can get a feel of who you are, what you like and most important what you have in common.

So now, if you don’t want to call your leads one by one, which is definitely not sustainable… and not 4-Hour Work Week lifestyle like, then you can leverage someone else’s time by hiring a sales representative or a sales force.

When you hire a sales rep, you put yourself in the position where you can:

  • Give them personal attention and human contact which every single prospect will definitely enjoy
  • Be different from the other online marketers that don’t have a sales team
  • Build a one on one relationship with your prospects so that they feel much more comfortable buying from you
  • Know much better the pain your prospects is going through and provide the best possible solution for them

The Main Challenge in Having your Own Sales Rep

Obviously, that’s not easy, as you’ve got to hire the right person, then train them to speak in your voice and train them to sell whatever offers you have. If you’ve never hired anyone (I have), it’s a lot of  work and you might get into trouble hiring the wrong person, spending a lot of time at it, and maybe not get it right after several months of trying hard.

So you’ve probably wondering… Can I do this? Is this really for me?

The Solution to Increasing Your Conversions With the Phone

View of a Young attractive man working in a call center

Even if you’ve had experience in hiring a personal assistant, an accountant…etc in the past, like I have, it’s still quite difficult to hire a sales rep. I wouldn’t really go into the direction, but rather leverage what already exists and have someone else do that for me, and share the profit. Less trouble, more money.

Yes, leveraging a program that already has its own sales force is a very great idea. But you’ve got to find it.

It took me a while to find it myself. But I was very happy when I found it because I knew it was a great sign for me to more time freedom, less trouble and more conversion.

That company I’ve decided to partner with provides me and the other affiliates with a highly trained sales force who closes all of our backend sales for us.

All the sales rep are already hired and trained so I don’t have to spend any of my own time conducting interviews and training sales reps.

This sales force handles all of the back end sales and upsells for me, which means I can spend all my energy, time and efforts on driving trafic to the front end offer.

This is amazing because not only does it increase my conversions, and my total value per customer, but I also have much more time to spend with my family and do what I really enjoy.

So if you’d like to learn more about how you can increase your conversions without having to hire your own sales force then CLICK HERE NOW to find out more about our program and how you too can leverage a proven salesforce.

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