The 4-Hour Work Week Lifestyle

The 4 Hour Work Week in Network Marketing - You should stop picking up the phone
The 4-Hour Work Week Lifestyle Explained by Tim Ferriss in his book

The 4-Hour Work Week Lifestyle Explained by Tim Ferriss

The 4-Hour Work Week “Escape the 9-5, Live anywhere and join the new rich” by Tim Ferriss is a book that changed my life. I’ve mentioned it a couple of times in my videos and my posts but I thought it was time to tell you more about it. Because it can change your life too.

In this book, I discovered the idea of the 4-Hour Work Week lifestyle and how to achieve it.

“Stunning and amazing. From mini-retirements to outsourcing your life, it’s all here. Whether you’re a wage slave or a Fortune 500 CEO, this book will change your life!”Phil Town, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of 'Rule #1

The Freedom – 4-Hour Work Week – Lifestyle Without Network Marketing

The whole mantra of the book and its author is about working less, earning more and living better! It’s what I call the 4-Hour Work Week lifestyle. I can tell you this, after reading this book back in 2010, I almost quit network marketing. Why? Because I realized there was a better way to live the freedom lifestyle but I just had no idea of a product I could sell.

As part of my professional growth, I lately realized that what was described of a lifestyle in the book – famously named the 4-Hour Work Week Lifestyle – was really what I wanted dearly. It was appealing to me. Back in 2012, I honestly thought that network marketing would bring me the financial and time freedom I wanted to achieve. Then, after reaching the top earners for one company and making a 6-figure income a year, I realized this would never happen.

Why? Because as a top earner and leader, you have to organize events, go to events, motivate and inspire your team, answer the phone, help solve problems and conflicts, and if you disappear for 6 months on a mini-retirement (travel experience), your team will just disappear with you! Your downline will complain they don’t get help from you, they’ll lack your leadership presence and they’ll cross-recruit each other (even if the company doesn’t allow it), they’ll join other programs in the meantime and get unfocused, and everyone losses. I’m talking from experience. If you want to make money with your network marketing company (and keep making money, and keep having your team grows), you’ve got to be there. Sometimes, one leg will grow by itself because there is a strong leadership line, but you know you’ve got to build multiple legs to actually make big money. I’m sharing with you my experience so that you have a good perspective on what’s going to happen to you if you succeed.

Of course, many people will feel fine with this, but I also believe some people really expect to be able to live the freedom lifestyle.

What IS The Freedom – 4-Hour Work Week – Lifestyle

It’s important to stop for a moment and really visualize what this 4-Hour Work Week lifestyle is all about. Here is how I personally picture it:

Do you see yourself there?

Do you see yourself there?

You’re on the beach, in some exotic location (Maldives, Seychelles, Tahiti, Hawai…etc), a cocktail in one hand, your laptop on your knees for about 1 hour every other day. The rest of the time, your laptop is at the bottom of your bags in your hotel room, or your villa, if traveling all the time is not appealing to you.

Most people who even think it’s possible to achieve this type of lifestyle usually have values and principles that are not taught in schools. You can teach them about meditation, the law of attraction, healthy food, and let them follow their own interests to help them find their passions. It also makes it possible to home school your kids, for example. And teach them what is not taught in schools and that they’ll really need to live an extraordinary life. You can also send them to specific schools such as Freinet or Montessori. Some families even go further with unschooling. I met a family I’ve been following in their travels for many years now and they just unschool their children (4 to 11 years old).

That’s what the 4 Hour Work Week lifestyle sounds like, looks like to me. What about you? What is it like? Share it in the comments below…

How Is It Possible to Live the Freedom – 4-Hour Work Week – Lifestyle

It starts with freeing up your time, and as explained in the book, the only real solution to free up your time is:

  • First to work for yourself, as a freelancer, as an entrepreneur. It’s impossible to free your time as an employee as you are paid depending on how many hours you work. For example, you get paid 10$/hour. If you don’t show up, you don’t get paid. As an entrepreneur, if you can get the same job done in 4 hours instead of 40, you still get paid the same amount of money.
  • Second, automation. (Eliminate, Automate, Delegate system) You could be an entrepreneur and work 80 hours a week. That’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about automation. Nowadays, with the internet, you can automate marketing, and the buying process. You can actually sell stuff (and deliver that stuff) 24/7 without ever checking your emails. What if you can’t automate? Then it’s about finding ways to delegate and still make a profit (for example by delegating work to people who live in countries where their time is 10 times lower than in Western countries).

One very important point is about how much your time is worth. Tim goes through this simple calculation:

Let’s say you’re an entrepreneur and you earn 5000$/month working 70 hours a week. You of course, don’t have time to clean your house so you hire someone to clean your house, iron your clothes and keep everything organized. It costs you 18$/hour. Then you’re making 16$ an hour. You’re paying your cleaning lady more an hour than you actually earn yourself! That’s totally crazy!

Now, let’s say you find a virtual assistant who works for 5$ an hour in the Philippines. You give him 40 hours of work per week. Let’s say this guy is really not good and only accomplishes 20 hours of real work in 40 hours. He is costing you 800$ a month, and he is saving you 20 hours of work at a 16$/hour rate, that’s 480$ saved per month! Quite significant!

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First Case Study: The Pearce Family

I met these parents of 3 amazing girls back in June. I’ve followed their travel adventure for several years on their blog. They happened to travel to France and they stayed with us for a couple of nights. We shared our business experiences and really enjoyed each other’s company. Here is a short interview I did with them:

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Brandon created his website 10 years ago. It took him several years to get it going and to automate or delegate the work so that he could be completely free. He shared with me how he rarely checks his emails, never take a single phone call and sleep well at night. They’ve been traveling as a family for 5 years and have recently bought and renovated a house in Bali where they stay a few months each year and that otherwise, they rent on AirBnb. By the way, his website is helping Music Teachers giving them tools to manage their courses and their students. Very smart! They’re truly living the 4-Hour Work Week lifestyle!

Second Case Study: Mimi Ikonn

Mimi Ikoon is a Youtube celebrity. A few years ago, she and her husband Alex started a brand of hair extensions Luxy Hair. They got it going pretty quickly with her YouTube channel where she shares how to use them and how to have beautiful hair.

Since then, they’ve been traveling to many countries: she shares their travel experiences through Youtube.

These 2 case studies on the 4-Hour Work Week lifestyle have nothing to do with internet marketing, network marketing or affiliate marketing. What’s important to see is how this is possible to make it to the 4-Hour Work Week lifestyle, so that you have the inner strength to do it yourself!

One last but important point: creating your own online business is even easier to manage. You don’t need a physical product: selling electronic products makes it much easier to manage shipping and returns. You don’t have to manage production either. Also, you can actually sell others products very easily as an affiliate. And it’s never been easier than now to own your 4-Hour Work Week lifestyle business! So just start!

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What is your next step to reach the 4-Hour Work Week lifestyle? Tell me in the comment below what you have already accomplish (it’s so important to celebrate) and tell what your next step is! It’s always such a pleasure for me to hear from you! (really!)

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