Should I Blog to Make Money Online?

woman blog to make money online

Not really!

Especially since now it’s harder and harder to get ranked in the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing).

The market is so saturated and there are so many gurus who’ve had blogs forever that it’s really hard to take their place.

And honestly, SEO is not much fun (in my opinion).

If you haven’t done anything yet to get your online business started, I wouldn’t start a blog just yet.

First of, without any marketing training, you’ll probably get it all wrong (wasting your time…) AND you’ll probably quit updating your blog in 2 hours if you don’t get any comments and only a few visits.

A blog can be very depressing!

A blog is excellent to build your brand online (you as a brand), but you need to know what this means first.

When I started my first blog back in 2008, since I didn’t want to buy any training, I tried to figure it out all by myself and it took me 6 months to get it going and generate my first leads. 6 months! Isn’t that crazy?

I would never waste that much time ever, and I hope you won’t either.

Today, a blog is good for 2 reasons:

– communicate with your list (the primary source of trafic on your blog apart from paid advertising, at least when you get started)

– get statistic data to optimize your paid advertising

But you don’t want to get into paid advertising unless you know what you’re doing… because otherwise, you’ll most likely lose a lot of money for nothing.

I created this blog you’re currently reading in one day. Just one little day and boom, it was ready to roll. But I’ve done that for years. I know which plugins to install, what theme to use, how to set it all up (I might do a post on that if you want, just leave me a comment below).

What I want you to leave with when you’re done with this post is that I have a complete clear plan to make money online.

Blogging is not something you start and see if you’ll have trafic and get leads. If you do that, you know what? In 24 hours, you’re out! I know this because I’ve seen this before!

So first, ask yourself the right $1-million question:

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Do you have a complete clear plan? Share your thoughts in the comment section below…

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