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I’m probably not the first blog you read about online marketing freedom, having an online business and making money from home…

If you’re serious about starting your own online business, you’ve probably read dozens of blog posts, watched dozens of videos on Youtube, and checked out multiple products and biz opp’ to promote online. You’ve seen other top affiliate marketers tell you how they’re making thousands of dollars a day, how they’ve bought this wonderful fast car and so on… And that’s cool, I mean it’s part of the show-me-proof so I know you know what you’re talking about, as who would want to learn from a failure? Nobody!

There is good and bad in this. One thing is, when you’re getting started (or when you’re thinking about getting started), it’s kinda cool to see proof of income, nice cars, first class flights, and rolex watches, it gives you vision of what can be accomplished, of what’s possible.

But for many, maybe you, it’s hard to project yourself, because you even haven’t made $1,000 online yet. Or even $10,000. So when affiliate XYZ tell you about his nice car at $100,000, yes, it looks appealing, yes, you’re attracted to that, but do you see yourself in his shoes?

I know it was hard for me to believe at first. All I wanted to do when I got started was make my first sale. So yes, it was possible for others, but was it possible for me? I didn’t believe in me, I didn’t believe I could reach that type of income, nonetheless online…

So I thought about it for a while… The Pro’s and Con’s…

After really thinking about it deeply, I realized that what would really help YOUR vision develop would be to see what online freedom is like in “normal life”: Everyone talks about not upgrading your lifestyle too fast and how important it is to invest in real estate, the stock market…etc but every successful affiliates seem to be living in a huge villa with palm trees outside, driving a Ferrari and buying $1,000 suits. Well, we don’t do that, (yet anyway). We’re focused on building our wealth.

Also we’re very aware of something, that is:

“Western people confuse happiness with comfort”.

We do buy “nice things” once in a while, but we stay focused on the long-term, which is grow our wealth.

Growing your wealth doesn’t start with spending all your money 

What’s really cool about online freedom is that you design your lifestyle that exact way you want it to be. And that’s what we’re doing.

I’ve started Vlogging a few months ago, but only shot a few videos in English. We actually had the opportunity to go to a wellness exhibition and I thought I would show you some of it. Also, I wanted to capture the great feeling of having your business work for you, while you’re doing what you love. Awesome!

Watch the first video below:

I hope you’ve enjoyed this short video on our way to the wellness exhibition.

Here is the second video I produced the same day:

Let me know if you enjoy these type of videos. It’s called Vlogging. Personally, I think they’re really nice to shoot and they come out great but I’d really like to hear from you, to hear your feedback. It’s very important to me that you tell me what you enjoy, and what you don’t, what helps you, and what doesn’t. Leave a comment below 

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