Lead Generation Guide

Lead Generation Funnel Conversion or sales funnel 3d, vector graphics

In this Lead Generation Guide, you’re going to learn the mechanics to online lead generation. You’ll be able to setup your own funnel and start generating leads.

Step 1: The Lead Generation Process

Better than a thousand words, I thought I would simply show you what path your lead follows to end up on your list. It’s important that you easily visualize the lead generation process. That’s a path you’ll find familiar because you probably followed that same path yourself.

Step 2: Lead Generation WebForm

You’ve seen how you need a webform to collect your lead’s information: name and email. From there, you’ll be able to send them emails to generate sales. So first, you need an autoresponder that will manage the form for you. You’ve got many choices. I personally prefer Aweber for its high deliverability rate (your emails will actually arrive in email box most often than with other autoresponders services).

Here is a screen capture of one of the webform I use:

Capture d’écran 2015-10-14 à 21.56.29

As you can see, I only collect the most necessary information. The more information you collect, the harder it is to get your visitors to fill out these informations. As an affiliate marketer, we often only need the name and email, and sometimes just the email is already sufficient.

So now that you understand the process, your step is to create your account with an autoresponder service. Aweber’s plans start at $19/month for 500 subscribers and unlimited emails (which means you can send emails everyday and still pay the same price – that’s a minimum of 15000 emails per month, which makes it $0.001/email sent).

Step 3: Landing Page for Lead Generation

The landing page is the page where the visitor lands after clicking on one of your ads or links. This is the page where you describe your lead magnet, your gift to your visitor, for leaving his information to you.

Here is an example of a landing page that I personally use in my business and maybe you’ve seen it before:

The Facebook Cheat Sheet Lead Magnet

The Facebook Cheat Sheet Lead Magnet

To create this landing page, I used a very simple online service called ClickFunnel. ClickFunnel is a funnel service that helps entrepreneurs create their landing page, their thank you page, their gift page…etc by giving different templates to choose from. You even already have the wording laid out, you only need to customize it to your needs. It’s very simple to use as you don’t need to know any coding, it’s only click and create. ClickFunnel’s plans start at 97$/month. It might seem a bit of money at first sight but honestly it isn’t. Actually, you can compare with other services online that offer about the same features AND ClickFunnel’s got unlimited contacts! I’ve pulled up the comparison table for you.

That’s it: with the landing page creator and the autoresponder, you’re all set to start building your list online. That’s a budget of $19 + $97 = $116 per month, a little over $100, AND you can become an affiliate and promote these 2 tools. Every time someone signs up on your recommandation, you get a commission. Soon, those commissions could cover the monthly cost of these tools. It’s up to you! (Becoming an affiliate is very easy, it’s a matter of entering your name and your email and a couple personal information and that’s it – by the way, it’s free).

Step 4: Lead Generation Magnet

You need an awesome gift, something so desirable that your visitors will not resist putting their email to get access to it. That’s a key part in having a Lead Generation System that puts money in your pocket! To create the best lead magnet ever, you need to think about the biggest pains your target audience is experiencing, and think of a gift that you could offer them for free and would help them solve their problems and relief their pains.

For example, the cheat sheet above helps people get their business started on Facebook. And it does it in 7 simple steps. Many people don’t know where to start when it comes to Facebook. Should they have a business page or use their personal profile? What information should they put on their page? This cheat sheet answers these questions.

Most people interested in using Facebook don’t know if they’re doing it right. They know they need to advertise their business and they also know they should not always be advertising but also offering value. However, they have a hard time figuring out how much advertisement is ok on Facebook, and what else to talk about. This gift actually gives them the answer so other than doing paid advertising which is not covered in details in this gift, everything else is laid out in a nice organized way so that the leads can really truly get started using Facebook to grow their business.

Step 5: Drive Traffic

Once you’ve written your landing page, that you’ve linked your landing page with your autoresponder service, and that you’ve created your thank you page with your gift, you will start generating traffic. Generating trafic is the 5th step of Lead Generation. This traffic will soon transform into leads, and then into buyers.

You’re got free and paid methods to drive traffic to your landing page.

Free traffic methods include blogging or Youtube videos.

Paid traffic methods include Facebook advertising, Google Pay-Per-Click, Solo Ads or Banner Ads to list a few.

Pick one method that suits your budget and your preference, if possible, start with a method which you already know some basics, and become an expert at this method. It’s much better than trying to learn everything at once and only scraping the surface, and getting discourage by the lack of results. There is definitely a learning curve to getting it right.

I recommend you invest in a Trafic Course to get yourself started on the right track for each of these methods. I actually followed a course myself that goes through all these trafic methods and give you all the steps you need to get started right. It’s important to invest in yourself so that you don’t waste time online looking for disorganized information.

Out of those 5 steps on Lead Generation, which one have you already accomplished? What is your next step? Let me know in the comment below 😉 It’s always (always) a pleasure to hear from you!

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