How To VLOG To Increase Sales

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In the world of the online business industry, one of the most effective strategies to attract viewers to your site and build a relationship with your list is to VLOG (VLOG stands for Video Blog).

You can find more and more VLOG channels on Youtube nowadays. Travelers first started using video blogging to help show their viewers what experiences and adventures they were living while travelling in different places.

You too can use video blogging to show your viewers what you’re experiencing in your online business journey. VLOGGING is a fun and exciting way to document or film your activities. It’s an effective way to share what it’s like to be an online marketer in real life. VLOGGING can help you connect with your viewers.

The most important thing you should remember is to capture and maintain your viewer’s interests. You’ve probably noticed how people like to read content with beautiful pictures. Just look which Facebook posts get the most likes! If pictures can get their attention, can you imagine what VLOGGING can do for you?

VLOGGING is also great because it doesn’t require a large investment and it’s quick and easy to setup (which means you’ll probably make more videos). You can use your smartphone to record your video (as long as it’s at least 720p). I recommend you get a selfie stick: it will make it easier for you to get a good frame, while recording yourself, and you’ll be free to move around however you want. Even if they’re easy to make, pay attention to the quality of your videos: sometimes, less is more.

VLOGGING will definitely help you brand yourself when done right. You want to keep in mind who your target market is. If you’re an online marketer, your target market is probably not a 15 year-old girl trying to figure out how to use make-up. So even though you can get a lot of inspiration from watching VLOGs from travel or beauty Youtubers, you’ll want to be careful to focus on your target market’s interests.

VLOGGING is fun, easy and authentic. It will help build your brand and build trust with your audience. Consequently, it will increase your overall sales.

Examples of Successful VLOGGING Youtube Channels:

Mimi Ikoon – Fashion | Style | Inspiration

Marianna Hewitt – Vlogs Playlist

Wengie – Travel Vlogs

My Vlog Playlist

Here is a video on how to travel vlog:


Before you start VLOGGING, here are the steps to create your first VLOG:

1. Incorporate More of YOU

First and foremost, think what topics you want to talk about. What you’re talking about in the videos should be related one way or another to your target market’s interests. Incorporate in your videos what you like to do that makes you who you are. Find what you love to do in your life and list your interests: travel, cooking, food, golf, horses,…etc You should include your interests in your videos. Rather than doing a video in your office at home, why don’t you shoot your next video at the country club you’re a part of next time? I’ve personally loved sharing my surroundings. You’ll take your viewers into your world. It’s very important for people to get to know, like and trust you.

2. Grab The Right Tools

What’s great with VLOGGING is that you can keep it minimal. Since you’ll be moving around, your equipment should be light. And it should be handy. Sometimes, I find a great setting and I want to film right away. That’s why I use my cellphone. It’s 1024p but 720p is enough. If you haven’t got a cell phone with this video quality, you should get a light camera such as Canon PowerShot G7 X Digital Camera.

To get started with editing and production, you can simply use the software automatically available on your computer. On Windows, it’s Windows Movie Player. On Mac, it’s IMovie. Once you decide it’s a method you really want to push, you may want to use Camtasia (Windows), Premiere (Windows and Mac) or Final Cut Pro (Mac). Also, you’ll find a selfie stick handy (and inexpensive!).

3. Know What You’re Going To Say

A bunch of uh uh uh… at the beginning of your video is the greatest way to lose your viewer’s interests. Have at least an idea of what you’re going to talk about. I’ve never used scripts but if you’re unsure, you can try to use a script and see how you do. However, VLOGs are supposed to be natural, that’s what makes them authentic and fun. If you’ve got 3 points you want to cover in your video, it’s great because 3 points is easy to remember and the video will stay quite short. Just act naturally, smile and don’t be like a robot in your film. Let your viewers see you as you are. You should be enjoying this.

4. Edit and Produce Your Video

When you’re showing sceneries and landscapes and you’re not talking, you may want to add some music. Youtube now offers a library of free music. Most softwares also offer a music library. You’ll want to add your website link at the end as well. That’s the minimum editing. If you’re made some mistakes, you can always delete those parts. Delete also parts that are boring and too long. Even if what you’re saying is interesting, if you’re loosing attention when watching yourself, imagine what it will be when others watch you! At first, keep your video under 5 minutes.

5. Create your Own Video Channel

When the shooting is done, create your own Youtube account, upload your video on your channel, choose a title, add a description where you’ll insert the link to your website and your social media accounts and add tags. Tags will help your target market to easily find your videos.

I’ve layed out for you the minimalist process to create your first VLOG. You can use this process to create a checklist for your personal assistant on Trello. That’s what I do 😉

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