How To Have More Leads in 5 Minutes

Clickfunnel split testing how-to video

Everyone would like to know how to have more leads in 5 minutes. It’s possible with split testing. Once you’ve got your funnel setup, split testing is an easy and quick way to have more leads in 5 minutes or less. Especially if you’re using ClickFunnel as it’s very easy to setup.

Split testing is simply about creating a variation of your landing page and having the system statistically test whether your new variation is better than the original. You can test your headline, your subheadline, your image, anything that’s on your landing page can be changed to see whether the element you changed works better. Sometimes, just a word can increase your conversion rate by 10%. It’s worth testing because with the same trafic (and costs) you can get more leads, thus more money.

I’ve recorded a video for you to show you how easy it is to setup a variation of your landing page with ClickFunnel, watch it now:

If you don’t have your funnel setup yet, it’s really worth investing in ClickFunnel. As you can see, anything you might need is easy to implement with a few simple clicks. To signup for ClickFunnel and take advantage of your 14 day free trial, click here…

If you want a complete detailed guide of how to generate leads online and how to setup your funnel including creating your autoresponder account, read this other post I just wrote last week…

Let’s go, now is your turn to harvest money on the internet. Remember, you can have both money and time. And this is the way to do it.

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