Group Coaching for Accountability

confidence, trust, thanks to group coaching

Are you a lonely marketer fighting daily against traffic, leads, affiliate links and optimization, trying to figure out this internet marketing “thing”?

Are you skipping daysnot emailing your list every day like you should – because you’re not getting much results and you don’t see how it makes a difference?

Are you here for the big money but just making a few bucks here and there? 

We all go through this time of self-doubt, especially in the beginning where we don’t have a whole lot of results to show off for.

You may be hesitant, doubting your actions and yourself, asking countless of questions to yourself and trying to figure out the answers in your mind.

You may be juggling between all the options you have, not really knowing which one is best.

Doubt creates lack of actions or the wrong actions, and you could end up more broke than when you started. 

But let’s not take ourselves down because there is one solution to all of these problems, a really great one, that without, could put a quick end to your internet marketing adventure, but with it, could explode your results!

Introduction to Group Coaching

I’ve told you about group coaching before, actually Facebook Marketing group coaching, but today I wanted to focus on internet marketing group coaching.

What’s in it for you? What benefits can you expect from group coaching?

Well, one of the things that most internet marketing newbies suffers from, when getting started, is lack of consistency (because of lack of certainty).

You may have a J.O.B., 4 kids to feed, a house to take care of, and we all have very busy life anyway.

You usually start out all very excited, jumping all around the place and implementing every little tactics that you read about (hopefully).

But then as time passes by and you don’t see the millions knocking on your door, you start to get discouraged and not being so consistent.

Then, you find one video that really motivates you and you’re all over the place again, doing 10 things at once, trying to make this internet marketing thing work.

As the days go on, and the results don’t really show up (you may not see them even if they’re there…), you stop doing what really matters, you’re wasting time on activities that don’t matter but make you avoid those that are more challenging for you…

And eventually you quit!

OR you become part of a group of like-minded people that help each others!

I’m sure you’ve heard it before if you’ve done some personal development already…

Having a mentor is worth A LOT!

Group Coaching with a Millionaire Mentor

Your mentor will keep you accountable. He’ll also encourage you when you need it, reassure you on the correct activities you’re doing that are going to produce results, even if you can’t see the results yet, and he’ll help you stay away from time-wasting activities.

But to actually be reassured and inspired, you need a mentor you believe. A mentor who inspires you.

Best of best, since you’re serious about making 6 figures, you need a mentor who is a millionaire…

But here is the problem!

Most millionaires don’t mentor newbies.

And those that do… are extremely expensive.

Since their time is worth so much, and that they’re not willing to exchange their time for money, you’re probably wondering: How are you going to gain access to one of them?

Personally I’ve given a lot of thoughts when it comes to offering my services as a coach. I’ve been a mentor to thousands of people already, most of the time, for free. I’m always happy to share some advice and answer a couple of questions when I meet you at events.

But really, being a coach is about exchanging your time for money. And I’ve decided long ago that I didn’t want to fall into that trap ever again. I also realize that to really live an extraordinary life and produce extraordinary results, I personally need a lot of free time, 3-5 hours in a raw, to think, explore and create.

Is that your case too?

So I just don’t see myself having 6 coaching clients a day. Or even 4 for that matter.

Have you thought about offering your coaching services? What’s it for you?

  • Contribution?
  • Another stream of income?
  • A way for you to grow?

Have you thought about the fact that it’s another way to exchange your time for money?

Unless you’re really driven by this profession, that you’re really passionate, and you have a huge will to contribute this way, then you really should be a coach and offer your services as a coach.

But most internet millionaires are not coaches at heart.

So let’s recap:

  1. You want an internet millionaire who inspires you and who you believe in.
  2. The purpose of a coach/mentor is to keep you accountable, motivated and on track.
  3. A coach/mentor will help you grow your vision so that you keep your efforts up even if you don’t see the results right away.
  4. An internet millionaire coach/mentor will reveal to you strategies and tactics you didn’t even start to think about: you’ll jump through the challenges and even run through challenges that were looking for you without looking back!
  5. You want a coach/mentor you can have access to every day, not once a month or only during a seminar on the other side of the world. Your questions deserve an answer right away!

And of course, you want it to be affordable! Because you’re not a millionaire YET!

Don’t worry, I know that, and that’s why I’m telling you about this.

Group Coaching, The Great Solution

There is a great solution, and it’s called “Group Coaching”.

Rather than talking one-on-one to your favorite millionaire, you can gain access to him through an online group or forum, that will help everybody in the community, where HE comes on every day and answers YOUR questions!

Here are the benefits of group coaching:

  • Group coaching is much better than no coaching at all. Staying alone, hidden behind your computer is the worst that can happen to you!
  • Group coaching is obviously more affordable than one-on-one coaching. When getting coached by a millionaire is probably out of your reach right now, group coaching is more likely in your budget.
  • Group coaching by a millionaire is much better quality than coaching with an average coach who’s never built a business.
  • You can get your questions answered 24/7. Since there is a community, you can get your questions answered by other people that are part of it. Yes, some questions will need the insight of your favorite millionaire, but some of technical stuff, best tools to use,…etc might be answered as well by other people in the community, and you get your answer right away, and you can move on.

So are you ready to enjoy and harness the benefits of being part of a coaching group hosted by THE internet millionaire?

Then you’re probably going to want to have a look at the Millionaire Within “Ask Me Anything Forum”.

It’s part of the Millionaire Within book package from E. Brian Rose, who created the JVZOO affiliate platform (over $75 million in revenue!). You’ll get 6 month access to E. Brian Rose who will personally answer any question you have about growing your 6 figure online business.

Here are the benefits of joining the Millionaire Within “Ask Me Anything” Forum:

  • E. Brian Rose is the founder of the JVZOO affiliate platform. He knows everything there is to know about affiliate marketing, whether it’s creating your first product, finding affiliates, creating backend offers, setting up your funnel, driving traffic, generating leads, converting leads into buyers, he’s got it figured out and he can answer any question you have… and give you more guidance than you could think about. The art of mentoring is to answer questions and make suggestions before your student even asks and E. Brian Rose is a master at mentoring.
  • A forum offers much flexibility, and you’ll get to meet other like-minded people who are building an online business, just like you! You’ll be able to create a new circle of friends for yourself and to discuss challenges and share accomplishments. There is nothing like a social community to feel supported and a part of something bigger than you! 
  • It’s totally affordable 😉

This is unvaluable!

Learn more about Millionaire Within and E. Brian Rose here…

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