Facebook Profile or Facebook Fan Page?

Facebook profile or Facebook fan page

In this “Are you wondering” series, let me introduce you the straight answer to this smart question:

Should I use a Facebook Profile or a Facebook Fan Page to promote my business online?

With absolutely no doubt in my mind… you should use… A FACEBOOK FAN PAGE!

Facebook Profile or Facebook Fan Page: Here is WHY

– On a Facebook Fan Page, you can have as many fans as you can get. No limit! On a profile, you’re limited to 5000 friends!

– If you do business on your Facebook Fan Page, your personal friends that want to stay out of it won’t get sick and tired of getting your business content if they’re not interested.

When you publish a new post on your profile feed, you can’t see how many people saw it. You can only see how many people liked it or commented it. Well, in reality, no everyone that see a post like or comment. Actually there are lot of people that don’t engage in a post when they see it. On a Facebook Fan Page, you can see how many people saw your post. A lot of people won’t click like on a post just because they don’t want their friends to know they were there looking at it… It can get very discouraging to post on a regular basis on your personal profile and not see any engagement from your Facebook friends. But they’re seeing it. On a Facebook fan page, you can monitor how many people see your posts.

You can run contests on a Facebook fan page! You can’t on your personal profile. It’s simply not allowed as per Facebook rules. You can offer discounts for your products and many other things that you can’t do on your personal profile.

– You can do paid advertising, which includes so much tricks and magic stuff that you don’t want to pass on this. You want to take full advantage of the Facebook advertising wizard! And the only way to do that is by opening a Facebook fan page and not using your personal profile for business. Facebook Paid Advertising includes retargeting your audience, and you know those ads that you see everywhere after you almost bought a product on a website? You can do that too! It’s very powerful!

Again… that’s if you’re serious about building your business online. If you’re serious about using the marketing strategies that the online marketers use to build profitable businesses, then you’ll want to open a Facebook Fan page rather than using your personal profile. That’s the way to go if you want to make a 6 or 7 figure income online.

If you want to earn that kind of income, it’s doable for you too but you’ve got to start the right way, and regarding Facebook, it goes with having a Facebook Fan Page!

Then, you’ll want to be able to earn high commission because paid advertising is costing more and more (though it’s much faster to have success than free advertising).

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  • Frédéric


    Yes I like this post ! Especially because I was looking for this answer ! Thanks a lot

  • Josiane


    Gold morning Millie!_
    Thann you fort all this informations. It vert intéressant. Specially fort those who are begin with internet l’île me.
    Please can you vive me more informations on how tto ma je facebook fan page work for US tout build pour network? What kind of informations it is better tout put on pour page tout be more attractive?