Create An Ad To Grow Your Fan Base Faster


I hope you’ve gone through these 7-Figure Facebook Cheat Sheets and you’ve already created your Facebook fanpage.

Now that you’ve learned about your content strategy to animate your page and grow your brand impact, you’re going to want to grow your fan base as fast as possible.

I say “as fast as possible”, because the faster you grow your fanbase, the faster you’ll generate leads, the faster you’ll generate sales.

Pretty fast forward!

To grow your fan base faster than with organic fans, meaning fans who are naturally attracted to your page because of the quality content you publish, you’re going to want to invest in paid advertising.

There are Facebook ads on your Facebook timeline as well as on the right side of the welcome page (as you can see in the screencapture above). You too can advertise there in front of your target audience!

Create Your Facebook Ad To Get Likes

To create a Facebook Ad to get likes on your fan page, all you need are:

  • A fanpage (duh!)
  • A photo (professional is better… but start with what you’ve got)
  • A message: what benefits are you offering to your target audience?

To create your ad, just log into Facebook.

Click on the small arrow at the top right corner of your screen and select “Create Ads”.

Select the second option in the ad list options: “Get Likes”.

Fill out the different fields regarding the audience you’re targeting and create the ad itself.

Validate your order.

You’re done!

Here is an example of an ad I’ve created:

Please create your own ad that fits your own character and brand. DO NOT COPY my ad. This is just an example for you to get inspiration.

Please create your own ad that fits your own character and brand. DO NOT COPY my ad. This is just an example for you to get inspiration.

It literally takes less than 30 minutes to setup. Personally I’m used to it and this process takes me less than 10 minutes.

You’re going to start generating likes pretty quickly, as soon as your ad is approved. To get approved, there are just a few rules to follow. Read them here to avoid your account being shut down.

Not Too Excited About Paid Advertising?

Not too excited about Paid Advertising? The thing is, if you don’t create this type of ads and just try to build your fan base organically, it’s going to take forever. It’s really hard nowadays to start from scratch without doing any Facebook Paid Advertising.

If you’re here, it’s because you want to make 6 figures in 6 months online. You haven’t got a minute to spare.

Doing Paid Advertising is much faster to get results and is just about PROFIT. Since advertising costs are increasing, you need to make sure you’re promoting a product that’s got a big margin (high commission for you) so that you’re sure to be in profit (spend less in advertising than you make selling your product).

Let me give you an example:

When I create a Facebook Ad to get likes on my Facebook Fanpage, it costs me about $0.15/fan for the interests I’m targeting. It costs me about another $2 to get that fan to subscribe to my list. Out of 100 leads that subscribe to my list, I get 2 to buy my entry product at $49. Once you know that, it’s just math.

My cost per lead is $2.15 on average. My cost per sale is $107.5. I make $44.10 commission per $49 sale. Through this process, I lose $63.4. Wow, you say I’m loosing $63.4? Yes, but hold on…

Now I don’t convert all my fans into leads. Some just die out or unlike my page, so you’d want to take those into consideration. Let’s say I only convert 20% of my fans into leads.

Then I’m going to need 500 fans to get 100 leads. This costs me an additional $75.  So to just make 1 sale, I’m spending $138.4.

Stay with me here… it’s important.

What if I just sell 1 product? I could never be in profit because advertising is just too expensive!

To actually make profit with your online business, you need to sell multiple products. BUT… to make your life easier, what if you could just make high ticket sales and high commission? After all, if for each sale you would make $1250, $3300, $5500 commissions, then you could afford high advertising costs, still be in (high) profit, and actually make 100,000’s of dollars. Most people start wondering about traffic before they even have a product to sell. You should start with the end in mind, one of the seven habits of highly effective people. You start with a high ticket product in mind, then get traffic to sell that product. The other way around is simply failure with certainty.

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