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7 Traffic Sources That The Pros Use To Make Millions Online

Advertising - Traffic Sources

Hey, I’m so happy to be back. Today, I thought you’d really like a summary of all the paid traffic sources available to you to tap into. And let’s be honest here, the professional affiliates that make 5, 6 & 7 figures do use those traffic sources to pull a ton of traffic to their…

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Is Your Facebook Fan Page At The Top?

As my profile picture, I'm using a photo of Marco, my husband, and myself, as he is a big part of my life. We are at a restaurant, we're gourmets and we love eating out. So it's really a big part of who we are.

Congratulations for creating your Facebook fan page!  If you haven’t yet, it’s this way… How would you like to know if your Fan Page is at the top of its game? After all, you want to have the best looking fan page so that your brand is attractive to generate targeted qualified leads. On top…

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What Website Should I Promote On Facebook?


Excellent question! First things first, let’s remind ourselves that when using Facebook as a traffic source, you usually want to drive traffic to a website in order to generate leads, and convert those leads into sales. You do need a product or service to sell, or how could you make any profit? In this post,…

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Create An Ad To Grow Your Fan Base Faster


I hope you’ve gone through these 7-Figure Facebook Cheat Sheets and you’ve already created your Facebook fanpage. Now that you’ve learned about your content strategy to animate your page and grow your brand impact, you’re going to want to grow your fan base as fast as possible. I say “as fast as possible”, because the faster…

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The Simplest Overseen Source Of Traffic

Banner advertisement

Generating traffic is not as hard as it may seem. If you’ve read yesterday’s email, you now have your funnel setup and we can now start the FUN  part, which is getting leads! I wanted to put you on an easy start with the simplest overseen source of traffic to generate leads. This source of traffic is not…

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How To Have More Leads in 5 Minutes

Clickfunnel split testing how-to video

Everyone would like to know how to have more leads in 5 minutes. It’s possible with split testing. Once you’ve got your funnel setup, split testing is an easy and quick way to have more leads in 5 minutes or less. Especially if you’re using ClickFunnel as it’s very easy to setup. Split testing is…

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Lead Generation Guide

Lead Generation Funnel Conversion or sales funnel 3d, vector graphics

In this Lead Generation Guide, you’re going to learn the mechanics to online lead generation. You’ll be able to setup your own funnel and start generating leads. Step 1: The Lead Generation Process Better than a thousand words, I thought I would simply show you what path your lead follows to end up on your…

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Online Freedom – Setup the Online Profit Formula For Yourself


Now you just have to follow the steps laid out for you below: Click here to setup your autoresponder. Click here to setup your first lead capture page. Want all of this to be done for you? Click here to join our Online Profit Team ($49) and get my own exact lead magnets, lead pages, and email follow-ups that I…

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Free Invitation to Live Internet Marketing Event in Denver


Ever feel overworked and underpaid?  Learn how we can help you escape the rat race with our upcoming Internet Marketing Freedom workshop. You’ve got different times to conveniently fit into your schedule. This is truly a free invitation to a free event that will teach you how to start an online business, and how you…

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Facebook Profile or Facebook Fan Page?

Facebook profile or Facebook fan page

In this “Are you wondering” series, let me introduce you the straight answer to this smart question: Should I use a Facebook Profile or a Facebook Fan Page to promote my business online? With absolutely no doubt in my mind… you should use… A FACEBOOK FAN PAGE! Facebook Profile or Facebook Fan Page: Here is…

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