“Your Next Book FREE” Facebook Contest Winner

Win your next book Contest on my Facebook fan page

I told you earlier today that I got into a bit of trouble with my Facebook contest but I was able to pick out the winner today! And the winner is… Watch the video below to learn who the winner of my contest on Facebook is: To check my Facebook page out, click here… See…

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Facebook Contest: How To Not Get Your Account Shut Down

Facebook contest Advertising Account shut down

That’s crazy! I got my Facebook Ad Account shut down!  And do you know why? For offering you a gift! When I saw that, this made me crazy mad. Then I realized there are really strict rules on running a Facebook contest.  I went through the rules and I decided to share with you my experience…

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Eliminate to enjoy calm and order

Before even talking about outsourcing, let’s talk about elimination!  Outsourcing is something I’ve practiced for over 4 years now. I know what I’m talking about. And you know what? I had no idea how much time an employee could waste by my fault on stuff that I didn’t really need.  So now, before I even think…

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Should I Blog to Make Money Online?

woman blog to make money online

Not really! Especially since now it’s harder and harder to get ranked in the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing). The market is so saturated and there are so many gurus who’ve had blogs forever that it’s really hard to take their place. And honestly, SEO is not much fun (in my opinion). If you haven’t…

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Email Your List Everyday

email your list work from home

That’s the first and best advice any web marketer can tell you: Email your List Everyday!  Just make it a “MUST” every morning to do so. I think a lot of people don’t email their list because of the fear of rejection and the fear of not knowing what to talk about. But honestly, it’s…

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Join a Team

join a team - team meeting

Hey guys! I’m so happy to be writing this blog post for you. You might think “Well, that’s obvious” but if you haven’t joined a team yet, and you’ve been looking around for a while, then you haven’t integrated this concept in depth enough. Let me be clear: if you want to have success online…

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Welcome to my new blog

Hey guys! Welcome to my New Blog! I’ve just created this new blog MyWealthGrows.com. I’ve already been updating a blog in my mother tongue for about 7 years and I thought it was time to finally create my own blog in English… so here it is. I will share my experience in creating more wealth,…

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