9 Conversion Tricks To Sell More With Integrity

Conversion tricks to generate more sales

First things first, what is conversion? Good question! Let’s be clear about what we’re talking about here. Even though some of these advice might work to increase opt-ins, I’m focusing on converting leads into buyers here. So conversion here means getting a lead who opted into your landing page to buy your product, service or join…

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4 Ways Leaders Build Trust With Their Audience And Get More Sales


You’ve heard it before, you’ve got to build trust with your audience in order for people to buy from you. The more people trust you, the more sales you’ll make. People buy from someone they know, like and trust. You can try to tear this upside down but this principle applies every time. No trust,…

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7 Traffic Sources That The Pros Use To Make Millions Online

Advertising - Traffic Sources

Hey, I’m so happy to be back. Today, I thought you’d really like a summary of all the paid traffic sources available to you to tap into. And let’s be honest here, the professional affiliates that make 5, 6 & 7 figures do use those traffic sources to pull a ton of traffic to their…

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3 Steps to Making Sales Online

Making sales online : traffic capture convert

Making sales online consists of 3 simple steps: capture, traffic and convert. These are simple, though many people trying to make money online are not using them. I see too often people pasting their affiliate link hoping that someone will come across it and signs up just like that, not knowing you or the company…

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4 Success Nuggets


Last weekend, we organized a network marketing event for our team over in France and I noted a few success nuggets for you. You might know that I also have a network marketing activity here in France on top of my online business. We had the opportunity to meet with other European leaders and hear each…

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$100,000 Mindset


Have you set your goals yet? Have you created your dream board? If so, I’m about to make a mess but it’s for a good cause  Are your dreams big enough?  Through this post, I’d like to challenge you to expand your dreams. You see, once you reach $10,000, you might get disappointed… because there’s…

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Is Your Facebook Fan Page At The Top?

As my profile picture, I'm using a photo of Marco, my husband, and myself, as he is a big part of my life. We are at a restaurant, we're gourmets and we love eating out. So it's really a big part of who we are.

Congratulations for creating your Facebook fan page!  If you haven’t yet, it’s this way… How would you like to know if your Fan Page is at the top of its game? After all, you want to have the best looking fan page so that your brand is attractive to generate targeted qualified leads. On top…

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You don’t want to start a successful business online… or what?

Sometimes, I wonder if you really want to live a rich life … All you need is offered to you on a platter and you’re still wondering around, not taking action. I know you’re afraid of losing your money and wasting your time, you’re afraid of getting your hopes up and being disappointed. Let me tell you…

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What Website Should I Promote On Facebook?


Excellent question! First things first, let’s remind ourselves that when using Facebook as a traffic source, you usually want to drive traffic to a website in order to generate leads, and convert those leads into sales. You do need a product or service to sell, or how could you make any profit? In this post,…

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3 Simple Steps To Stand Out As An Affiliate Marketer

One fish goes its own way and has its own opinion

Just a few short years ago, this lifestyle of taking the day-off and going to the spa, eat out at a gastronomic restaurant and spend the day at the golf course was just fantasy to me. It was what I craved; to have full control over my schedule, to not have to ask a boss for…

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