Millie Lavoisier

Who Is Millie Lavoisier?

Millie Lavoisier is a 29-year-old woman from beautiful France. She lives in the South West of France, in the Dordogne department. This is the region where wine is made 😉 Actually, Millie loves wine (moderate consumption always)!

Millie shares her life with Marco and they both work their business together. Marco is more the phone guy and Millie the internet marketing “guru”. They’ve been living and working together for over 3 years now and they really enjoy it!

What Millie loves the most about making a 6-figure income is the serenity. Marco loves to tell how when they started making a lot of money, while grocery shopping, they would argue which jam to get. Apricot or Strawberry. And Millie said: “Let’s get both!”. That’s the wonderful part of having money: you don’t have to choose anymore. You can get everything you want!

Millie loves to travel. One of her favorite parts of the world is Key West, Florida! She went there twice and had an awesome time she will never forget. If you live there, shoot her an email 😉

Millie also loves to share. A few months ago, Millie and Marco got to take a trip to Marrocco (A 4×4 Raid) and this was the opportunity for them to give back. On the road, they stopped at a village that was recommended to them where the teacher hasn’t been paid in 5 years and they brought the children milk, crayons and paper. Everyone was so happy that day! It’s so great to feel the impact of your own contribution!

The Beginning

How did I learn to speak English so well?

Simple! I was an exchange student in Indiana, US, for 10 months back in 2004/2005!

I stayed with my amazing host family and I went to high school as a Senior. I went to Prom and graduated over that.

It was the best time of my life! My parents supported me right from the start and right after I got my high school degree (very important in France), I left for a 10-month adventure in the United States where I had the time of my life, with awesome friends who taught me how to speak English!

At that time, this seemed like a totally crazy project for most people. (The first crazy project of a lot more in my short life!). Mes teachers didn’t really understand who I would waste one year of my life instead of going to the best Engineering  schools of France! But I knew. I knew it would be amazing and I followed my gut feeling!

Even though I know this was what I had to do, I had no idea this one decision would change my life forever… twice! First because of the experience I would gain through traveling into a complete different country with different values… and second because of all the doors speaking English would open to me!

When I came back, I had to decide what to do, and because I was so good at mathematics and science, and since I didn’t really know what I wanted to do as a profession, I went to university to study math. I got a master degree in statistics.

Right before I got my degree, I discovered network marketing. This was back in 2008.

The way I discovered network marketing is really interesting: you’ll understand why I’ve always believed in building your network online…

Here is the story…

I’m in University, and I’m thinking to myself that I’ll never get rich with math! I’d have to really discover something big! and I was not really on my way to making a huge discovery in a short period of time. Why was I thinking about getting rich?

It’s simple: when I was younger, my parents used to play the lottery on a regular basis. And often, on Friday night, my parents would ask my sister and I “If we win tonight, what would you like to do?”. And we dreamt all together in what we would do right away if we suddenly won millions! Just by thinking about it, my parents taught us to dream and be hungry. This repeated often and it stayed in me all those years…

So in University, I started asking myself what the likelihood was of me getting rich with what I was studying and the profession I was getting into. And unfortunately, probabilities were low…

So one day, I typed into Google “becoming rich and working”. and I went through the pages that were listed there.

I spent quite a lot of time (a lot) going though all the options. There were a lot of crazy things, but I went on a forum that was talking about network marketing and a revolutionary juice, coming from Canada… that could change my life.

I spot who the “boss” is and I went him my curriculum vitae. Haha! Obviously, he accepted me in his team and really took the time to explain to me everything I needed to know. I remember he spent a lot to time with me on the phone to answer every of my questions.

Before getting into the business, I talked to my parents about it and they started to try to dissuade me “it’s a money game”, they told me. They were afraid I would get scammed. But I got started anyway! I got my juice bottles and I started testing the products on myself… and doing some home presentations. I went through my entire list of names in less than 2 weeks and I had not enrolled a single customer or distributor. I was very frustrated as I thought it was awesome!

So I decided to get back online and that’s where everything really started…

My Ascension on the Web

« Success depends on you ». You probably have heard this phrase already. And there is a certain truth into it: even if the opportunity is the best ever, you’ll always need skills to have success. And these skills are of course much easier to get with a mentor to help you out!

When I got started in network marketing, my results were a catastrophe and I had all the reasons to quit! (0 distributor and 0 client). For 3 years, I totally put my list of names apart to only use online marketing to build my team. I mostly used the ebook Success in 10 Steps by Michael Dlouhy, and then I wrote my own book (in French only) inspired by my own personal experience: “The Highway to Success in Relationship Marketing”.

I started recording my own videos which I posted on Youtube and on my blog. At the time, it was really easy to get indexed by search engines with blogging and videos because the subject of network marketing online was only starting to gain interest. Among the first to have a blog and videos in French about MLM, I had great success and still do.

During 3 years, I grew my list of names online, I met a lot of new people that became my friends, and I met top leaders in other network marketing companies. It’s a wonderful journey.

I jump to the Next Level

303956_10150416582383839_659323838_8649421_512930124_nIn 2012, the company I was a distributor with, Vitamark International, merged with a very-well known Network Marketing Company named ItWorks.

For many years, I taught how important it was to have a remarkable product at the market price. With the wrap by ItWorks, I really had a remarkable product.

What I can tell you, what I want you to know, is that sometimes, we think we’re in the best position to have success. And you don’t know why but it’s really difficult for you to make any money at all, even if you have some success. You will like you’re swimming against the flow. That’s not how it should be. Network marketing is not supposed to be something difficult. Yes, you have challenges. Yes, sometimes you have to overcome your fear of rejection. But, it’s not really difficult in essence… in the best situation.

ItWorks! Global is in Momentum, the most powerful element to become rich quickly. What’s it like? Well, you literally feel the wind in your back pushing you forward, pushing you upward. You lift your finder and you get extraordinary results.

Simply look at what I accomplished: après 1 month and 1 week in the company, I reached the Diamond position.

In January 2013, Marco and I went to the annual convention on the other side of the planet, in Tampa, Florida (all the way from France).After only 7 months, I reach the Presidential position and get into the VIP Elite International Club.

Of course, it’s also thanks to my outstanding team that trusted me from the start that this became possible!

Leaders must never think a NO is final! Never!

Whatever company you decided to grow, I know that if you:

  • you’re all in
  • you’re focused
  • you work hard
  • you are inspired

…you will enter in the top leader inner circle. Your destiny is in your own hands.

In March 2015, we decided to leave ItWorks to pursue other interests.

* Your financial results depend on your own efforts, time, energy and can’t be guaranteed.

What My Teammates Think of Me

“There are some life-changing relationships that only happen once you’re ready. That’s the type of relationship I have with you. You’re rich inside, believing to knowing you is false, you always have new things to share. You’re my friend before being my mentor. You came into my life at the right time. Success is there when following your advise. The most beautiful success is us meeting each other. Thank you Millie!”  – Claude

“Allo Millie, my Ahaha is much more than a Ahaha moment, it’s the Consecration of the Ahaha moment I had !!! (and I had a lot of Ahaha moments)… Your kindness, your generosity confirm one of the best decisions of my life: joining your team and working with you! Thank you for your help, your support, your advice that are so precious to me. Millie, from the bottom of my heart, I shout “Thank you!” – Jean-Yves (Canada)

 “I’m a big fan of your consistency and your engagement that made your success” ~ Valérie (Suisse)
 “The emails I received from you help me so much in network marketing. This not only changed the way I share my opportunity, but also my target marketing. I’ve been successful in enrolling more people!” – Régine

Our Biggest Ahaha Moment

At the top of our success, we realized that we were not free. First of, to keep our team, we had to keep organizing events and going to events. We had our team leaders calling us day and night to do trainings, travel all over Europe to support the growth of our groups and just recruit some new people.

We tried to set some systems in place to leverage ourselves but people just wanted to talk to us, not to a lead page or an automated webinar. So soon it came pretty clear that yes, we were making a lot of money, but we were not having the time of our lives, and we were not free to do whatever we wanted wherever we wanted.

A few years ago, I became familiar with Tim Ferriss philosophy of the 4 Hour Work Week and I thought it was awesome but I was already involved in network marketing and I truly believed MLM would get us there. Now I’m sure traditional MLM can’t get you there.

In the 4 Hour Work Week, Tim Ferriss talks about creating your own muse. I thought for a moment about getting so and it’s really not that easy when you have no background in creating your own physical product. It’s possible but I don’t think it’s the smoothest way to get there.

As I’ve told you above, I’ve also had my own blog for many years now and I started putting products together. But it takes a lot of time, without knowing if the product will actually sell or not. And definitely, not everybody can do that. You’ve got to be pretty at easy with computers to be honest.

So I went to look online once more, as I had always done… but this time, I had a really clear mind on what I wanted and what I didn’t want. I love traveling and I was to be able to set it up and then have it run on auto-pilot. That was my main condition. And of course, the closest it was from what I already knew or what I had already done, the better, because the learning curve would go fast!

I found a fantastic program that walks you by the hand with all the ressources someone would ever want. What’s fantastic about it is the clarity. Everything makes sense from the start. Also this program has proven itself which is a big plus. I didn’t want to waste time in a program where everyone was struggling to make some money while spending hours and hours setting it up. I needed a good guarantee to get involved, because, honestly, I’ve become lazy… I just don’t want to waste my time, I prefer to be in the pool or kissing my beautiful Marco!

I was looking for something out of the box, where I could brand myself still (because I love that and I know how to do it and it’s so important!). My wealth is growing! It’s growing because my bank account is growing, but also because I’m able to get some leverage and thus free my time more and more. Are you ready?

It’s your turn now!

I know you want to build your income using Online Marketing. I know you want to have success so you can live a rich life and you deserve it. To join my team, it’s really simple. Just click here, enroll yourself and you’ll gain access to a lot of ressources very well organized (I love systems and steps) so that you can follow the steps of the most successful people online and step out to be the leader that you are! Click here to join my team now… (only 49$)

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