9 Conversion Tricks To Sell More With Integrity

Conversion tricks to generate more sales

First things first, what is conversion?

Good question! Let’s be clear about what we’re talking about here. Even though some of these advice might work to increase opt-ins, I’m focusing on converting leads into buyers here.

So conversion here means getting a lead who opted into your landing page to buy your product, service or join your company (if you’re in Network Marketing for example).

We all want more conversions. More conversions means more money without necessarily investing more money or time in generating more leads. Yes, the easiest way to increase your sales number is to increase your traffic and leads, but here we’re going to talk about ways to increase your conversions with the leads you’ve already got.

And the first think you’ve got to do to increase your conversion rate is to build trust.

The more people trust you, the more sales you’ll make.

People buy from someone they know, like and trust.

You can try to tear this upside down but this principle applies every time. No trust, no buying. Plain and simple.


Conversion Tricks #1: Build trust!

But how can you increase trust? You may have already heard that people buy from someone they know, like and trust, but how do you build that relationship with your leads?

Great question! It’s not that easy to grasp.

I’ve already covered about how to build trust yesterday, you can read my post on that here…

Conversion Tricks #2: Answer “What’s in it for me?” AND “Why buy from you?”

People don’t care about you, they don’t. All that matters is how this course, training, product, coaching, guide, audio book, whatever! is going to do for them.

How is it going to help them move forward? How is it going to solve their problems? What problems is it going to solve? How are they going to use it? Are they going to use it at all? Does it last-long?

Is it just another course or the ultimate course so that they’ll never have to buy another course ever again? Is it easily understandable and digestable? Is it to the point? Or are you supposed to hear someone talk 5 hours before you get any useful piece of advice?

For Example: The “Become A Super-Affiliate” course is taught by Vick. First he makes things very clear to anyone. So even if you have no knowledge of internet marketing, even if you’ve never created a landing page ever before, even if you haven’t generated one single lead yet, you’ll still be able to follow what he is talking about.

His training videos are short: Vick goes straight to the point and he doesn’t talk about himself forever unless there is a lesson to be learnt or he wants to illustrate a point he is trying to make.

He is experienced in teaching online, which means his training is high quality, up to date, and reliable (very important when you know that the internet is changing all the time and that what was true one year ago probably isn’t anymore).

You can immediately implement what he taught you, and start generating more leads. Vick’s knowledge of driving traffic to an offer is enormous but still he makes it very easy to understand and follow him.

Since he’s very advanced, although everything he teaches is understandable by the newbie, if you’re more experienced and you want to learn more advanced strategies, you’ll really enjoy his advanced sections that are part of this course. Actually, starting with the basics and moving to the more advanced training is how you’re going to get into the feet of a super-affiliate.

And to be clear, Vick’s got everything you’ll ever need when it comes to becoming a super-affiliate. You’ll never need to buy another course from someone else ever again. But as always, follow Vick’s instructions, go through the training once, implement, and do not hesitate to watch the training again a second time later.

That’s a simple example of how you can sincerely talk about a training course answering the question “What’s in it for me?”. I’ve simply answered what I thought you need to know about what you’ll get from this course. We’re talking about benefits more than features. People don’t care why your product is blue. They want to know how having a blue product is going to help them.

One great way to have people buy from you when you’re an affiliate is to offer a bonus. After all, many other people are offering the same product, so why should they buy from you??? Test different bonuses or tie-ins with your product. Free gift? Free shipping? Free training?  What can you offer that will “seal the deal”?

Now let’s talk about addressing objections, the third trick that you must use to increase your conversion.

Conversion Tricks #3: Address Objections

Most people need their questions to be answered before they buy anything. Pretty normal. 

If a potential client has a question, he can obviously send an email to customer support: but how many actually do?

Most people will just not buy your product, service or join your company.

For Example:

So you’ve got to put yourself in the shoes of your potential buyer and answer their questions in your email copy!

After a while, you may have collected a list of questions from your potential buyers that they emailed you or asked you on the phone (if you still use the phone – quick reference to how to never pick the phone again!).

Take that list of questions, answer them and post these on your sales page or in your email copy. That’s the great way to interact with your readers and followers without actually having to talk to everyone one-on-one.

For example, here are some legitimate questions people could ask about the “Become a Super-Affiliate” course.

What if I don’t have an landing page or an autoresponder?

Vick actually put this course together around 3 essentiel topics: Capture, Traffic and Conversion.

Capture means learning how to generate leads, capture their email addresses.

All training necessary to professionally capture email addresses is provided, from setting up your autoresponder, to create your landing page (which tool to use, what to write on your landing page, how to craft your headline,…)

I’m only interested in free traffic, is it for me?

You should really watch the video available here. It will show you how you can never become a super-affiliate with free traffic. It’s very important that you understand this principle.

What if I don’t have a business or product to promote yet?

It’s never too soon to learn about generating leads online. Whether you want to promote electronic products (ebooks, audios, online coaching…etc) or physical products, you’ll always have more leverage and success if you know how to use online marketing to grow your business.

There is really an infinite number of questions that could come, it really depends on what you’re promoting. Just try to think about what your people could want to know about it.

Now we’re going to talk about a very powerful tool that many internet marketers don’t use out of laziness or just because they don’t know about it.

Conversion Tricks #4: A/B Testing

Whatever you do, ALWAYS use A/B testing.

A/B testing is just creating a least 2 versions of the same sales page (landing page if you’re generating leads and trying to improve your opt-in rate).

Here’s the rule of thumb: only change one thing at a time, so you know WHY one page is working better than the other.

For example, change the headline. Tweak it.

You can also change the background (in a different A/B testing: don’t change both the headline and the background at once as you won’t know why one is working better than the other!).

Be sure that whatever software you’re using to create your landing pages and your sales pages, this software makes it easy for you to create A/B testing!

ClickFunnel is the software I use to build my opt-in and sales funnels and it’s very easy to create a second variation of your page, it’s just click, duplicate and publish. I like that it’s quick and easy… If it wasn’t, I just wouldn’t do it… and I know I would be leaving cash on the table! Are you leaving cash on the table? Then start using ClickFunnel. If you have no idea how to use it, there is a video teaching you exactly how to do that inside the “Become a Super-Affiliate” course. This course also covers how to do A/B testing from top to bottom including how to use rotator links and which software to use…

Conversion Tricks #5: Clear Call-To-Action

People need to know exactly what to do next, and the best way to do that is to tell them. It’s what we call a “call-to-action”. We actually call our readers to take action, and which action to take.

For Example: You know, you really want to become a super-affiliate and the next step that you have a serious look at the “Become a Super-Affiliate” course.

Conversion Tricks #6: Offer Proof

Most people won’t just believe you: they’ll want to see proof of what you’re saying. These proofs come in different format: testimonials, social proof, comments on Facebook, customer videos, screen capture of your earnings…etc

For Example: In the training video, Vick will tell you all about who he’s been a super-affiliate for (which products, and product launch) and how he’s become a super-affiliate. He’ll show you pictures of himself with industry leaders and photos of his earnings. That’s a great way for people to believe you can help them.

Conversion Tricks #7: Remove Risk

Nowadays, most online products come with a 30 day money back guarantee at least… Sometimes it’s 60 days or even 90 days. Some products come with a 1 year guarantee with conditions.

Some coaching live events come with a 100% guarantee if you come and attend the first day of the event.

The whole point is to remove the risk. If there is no risk, it’s easier for people to jump and buy the product, service, course, whatever!

Even network marketing companies often have a trial period of 2 weeks, 30 days, it depends.

In fact, a money back guarantee is kinda like trying the product for free. If you’re not satisfied, you get refunded. Risk-free.

It often increases sales, and yes, you’ll get some people to ask you for a refund, but if your product is quality, most people won’t want to cancel their access to your product. And they’ll want to keep the relationship you’ve build with them.

Conversion Tricks #8: Add incentive to act right away

People love to think about it. About the sales. They often have second thoughts. We all know that thinking lowers the sales number. Yes, people that “think about it” will sometimes buy, and they’ll be excellent buyers because they’ll have made a conscious strong decision, and they’re the best clients to have, really. BUT most people will be attracted to the next shiny thing, and won’t come back to your offer.

Product launches are a great way to create incentive. They have their cons, yes, but when it comes to create incentives for people to buy right now, they work tremendously well.

Another way is to limit the number of people who will even be able to buy your product. If you limit to the next 30 people, it motivates people to act now.

Another way is to increase the price after 24 hours. People won’t want to buy a higher price just because it’s tomorrow, so they’re more likely to act now.

Have you ever used one of those incentives? How did it go? Share your experience in the comments below…

Conversion Tricks #9: Provide your leads more middle of the funnel content

What is “middle of the funnel content”? Well, for example, case studies, eBooks, emails. Content that would push people down the funnel.

It can include a case study about your product: just ask one of your clients to participate. It will add value content, it’s not really good to just be pushing your offers all the time. Most people will just unsubscribe. But you can “sell” through offering value content. In that case, people will definitely “forgive you” for telling them about a product they don’t want, if they found value in what you were talking to them about.

Pushing offers down the throat of your leads doesn’t offer any value to them. It’s just annoying. Usually, if someone hasn’t bought after a couple of reminders, it’s just that they’re not ready yet (lack of trust, or bad timing for them – considering they’re targeted to your offer). Of course, no everyone opens every email they receive, so it’s ok to create a series of emails for about 7/10 days in your autoresponder to talk about your offer, but try to be creative and insert some value content.

Additionally, about 20% of the time, make your offer very clear and have it stand out as some people might just completely miss it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post. I’ve really put a lot of thoughts into it. If you’ve got a question or some feedback for me, just leave a comment below.

If you got some value, be sure to share it through your favorite social media!

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