7 Traffic Sources That The Pros Use To Make Millions Online

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Hey, I’m so happy to be back. Today, I thought you’d really like a summary of all the paid traffic sources available to you to tap into.

And let’s be honest here, the professional affiliates that make 5, 6 & 7 figures do use those traffic sources to pull a ton of traffic to their top-converting offers and that’s how they make the big money.

Let’s review the advantages of paid traffic:

  1. It’s automated: once you’ve set up your campaigns, you can be on the beach drinking cocktails. Every day, you could get up, check your stats on your computer, cancel a few campaigns that are less performing, and add more budget to the campaigns performing really well. Performing meaning converting a lot of traffic into buyers!
  2. It’s scalable: once you’ve found a great source of traffic, one that’s converting well and putting money into your pocket, you can simply increase your daily/monthly budget and it’s like printing cash, really.

Of course, if you just want to make a few bucks online, you don’t have to use these traffic sources, but if you’re serious about making a lot of money online, you’ll need to consider using these.

Let’s go over each of them briefly to give you a good overview of what real professional online advertising is all about. Just to be clear, all those strategies are already available to you even if you’re just getting started. You don’t have to call yourself Coca-Cola or Nike to tap into those traffic sources. By the way, it’s really the only way to take your business to the next level.

Remember that free traffic is never really free: you’re spending a lot of time writing those blog post, doing SEO, finding podcasts to be interviewed on… and there is only so many blog posts you can write in a day, and so many interviews you can do.

Of course, you can outsource blog post writing to someone in the Philippines but it’s someone you’d have to manage every day. I’ve managed freelancers before and it’s not a piece of pie. Believe me, it takes time and energy, not mentioning checking on them to be sure they’re working. One day, their aunt died, the other, they’re out of power, you name it! It works, it’s useful, but I wouldn’t rely on them to drive traffic to your website, which is your primary source of income! Moreover since there are better ways, in my humble opinion…

Let’s go over those cool traffic sources:

Traffic Sources #1 – Traffic X

Have you seen those banners on the websites of CNN or The Huffington Post?


Examples of banners showing on CNN – Money.

Well, you could have your own banners displayed on those websites. Creating banners is easy and displaying them over the web is even easier. You just look at a catalogue of websites offering you to display your banners or you email website owners who have traffic you’re interested to tap into, and boom, you can have your own offers advertised on those websites in no time. I wrote a whole blog post about how I’ve been tapping into this source of traffic. It’s really cool, it’s available to the newbie and it works (if you test and adjust… of course).

Traffic Sources #2 – Solo Ads

When someone builds a list of emails, he’s then able to sell that list to other marketers who would like to email those leads. That type of emails is called a solo ads. Usually the list will include people who have a common interest, such as: internet marketing, network marketing, vegan, golf…etc You can find solo ads publishers in many niches. They sometimes have list of hundreds of thousands of people that you can email all at once.

For example, I’ve opted in the BusinessOpportunity.com newsletter. This website sells its list and I often receive offers from other marketers. Here is an example below:

Solo Ads sent by BusinessOpportunity.com to their newsletter subscribers

Solo Ads sent by BusinessOpportunity.com to their newsletter subscribers

These ad was sent by someone who paid BusinessOpportunity.com to send it. You pay, you send, you collect. Pretty straight forward.

It’s pretty cool because you can select solo ads that are in your niche and you can touch thousands of people in a click on a button. Of course, your ad has to stand out if you want to get results. There are different ways to buy solo ads but the most popular is buying per click. Meaning you’ll pay for each person that clicks your links in your email copy.

Traffic Sources #3 – PPC

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. You’ve got different famous websites that offer PPC advertising such Google, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo and many more.

This is how it works. You write your ad and insert your landing page link (or another website depending on the policies of the network). Every time, someone clicks on your ad and visits your website, you pay.

The point of course for you is to get as many opt-in as possible. And for each opt-in, to get as many sales as possible.

You can select keywords that you’ll want your ad to show up for, and the price you pay per click will depend on how popular is the keyword. If a lot of advertisers are bidding for the same keywords, then the cost per click will be more expensive.

Here is an example of Google Ads showing for the keyword “make money online”:

Examples of ads being displayed for the keyword "make money online"

Examples of ads being displayed for the keyword “make money online”

All the results toward the right are ads that people just like you and me are paying for.

Same with Facebook…

Example of Facebook Ads in the right column of the news feed

Example of Facebook Ads in the right column of the news feed

Toward the right are displayed some ads that advertisers are paying for, and you could have your own offer displayed there as well. You can select who the ad should be displayed to, and you decide whether you want to pay per click or per conversion. You can also boost a post on your fan page, pay to get more likes…etc

I’m personally really enjoying Facebook PPC.

If course, you’ll need to learn some skills. For example, if you want to generate leads using Facebook PPC, there is this great course from my good friend Michelle called “Social Media Branding Academy” which I recommend you get. It includes everything you need to know about Facebook to create your fan page, promote your page and generate leads and sales on Facebook using both free and paid traffic. All instructions are clearly explained and you will get to have an online community to ask your questions. Great place to be!

If you’ve already bought Facebook courses and you’ve followed them but you’re still struggling to generate leads on Facebook, either the course was crap or you need some more guidance. Michelle (the Facebook queen really) has created the Power Player’s Club, which I’m a part of.

This Club is for people who are really serious about growing their list and their business on Facebook. Michelle hosts one webinar every week and she personally answers questions on Facebook and during the webinar.

Traffic Sources #4 – CPA Networks

These are networks of websites that are getting a ton of traffic and that are willing to monetize that traffic. Have you seen those windows that open when you surf the web sometimes?

They’re called pop-up or pop-under if they’re opening below you’re current browser window.

These open because they’re advertising and the owner of the website paid the website you’re on to open it. It’s really cool if you want to drive a lot of traffic quickly to a website. You can easily buy 5000 visitors for $200, sometimes less, sometimes more, depending on the network and the target audience you’re looking for.

Be careful as some CPA networks will never send the visitors you bought: there are serious professional agencies and there are scams all over the web.

Traffic Sources #5 – Mobile

It’s obvious, most people spend more time on their phone than they do on their computer. Some people don’t even have a computer anymore!

Are you thinking that you don’t have your visitors mobile phone number? Of course, you don’t! It doesn’t matter because there are agencies out there who have thousands of mobile phone number and you can tap into their list of phone numbers to promote your offers.

Most mobile traffic agencies will let you set your daily budget and maximum monthly budget, which is cool… and safe. You’ll also be able to set your objective. Are you promoting an app? Do you want to generate leads? Are you just looking for brand awareness? Promote content? Most likely you are looking for the second: generating leads, or possible promote content if you have a blog.

Often you’ll be able to define your call to action, which can either be a URL that the recipient should click on, an SMS that he should send back or to get a call back from your company or business. Again, most likely you fall in the first category, you’ll want them to click on your link and they’ll be redirected to your landing page. You can often target by geographic position, device type (android, iphone…etc), demographics and interests.

And again the good old Pay Per Click so the system will be sending/displaying out your offer and you’ll only pay when the recipient of this offer clicks on your URL that you’re promoting. You can decide whether you want your ad to show as a text ad (similar to Google Ads) and if you want your ad to be shown as a banner (see above).

That’s the easy. There is nothing complicated about mobile advertising. It’s just a different traffic source for you to tap into. The same principles apply than with the other traffic sources.

Would you like to learn some advanced strategies when it comes to targeting and testing to optimize your mobile advertising? Check out this awesome course that details all traffic sources mentioned here… It includes getting started videos, how to optimize your campaigns and much more…

Traffic Sources #6 – Penny Traffic

Have you ever seen those pop-windows opening even though you didn’t ask for them when you’re surfing the web? For example, if you’re visiting streaming websites, or porn… or Entertainments websites. How would you like to be one of those pop-up window that opens up with YOUR offer (product, service or company)? How cool would it be?

And how would you like it to only cost a few penny every time someone sees your offer?

Well, it’s called Penny Traffic. Several agencies are specialized in this type of advertising. They reference websites that are ok to run this type of offers with pop-up or pop-under.

Again, you’ll just create your ad: insert your URL, select your daily budget, select your target audience, and it could run in no time…

Advertising almost always follows the same steps and penny traffic is no exception.

Again, I highly recommend you to track your results and adjust your approach as you go as no marketer get it perfect at first but all millionaire marketers test and improve their campaigns.

If you’re interested in digging deeper into this traffic source and really become an expert, again I highly recommend you check out this course that I’ve myself followed as it goes into every little detail you could possibly imagine about generating leads with penny traffic (and what you don’t even think about)…

Traffic Sources #7 – Video

Video advertising starts by having great videos out there. If you’ve never produced any video, I recommend you start by just posting your first business video on YouTube. It’s a good start. Then you’ve got different ways to use video to advertise. You can advertise your own videos (on YouTube, Facebook and through different agencies). In that case, you must be great at catching people’s attention really quickly.

I also recommend you specialize in one type of advertising platform first: for example, if you use Facebook, there is one little specific about Facebook, and it’s that people seeing your video might not hear you talk, but only see you talk. They’ve got to be touching you (mobile) or clicking on your video (desktop) to hear you. This one little difference makes a BIG difference as you’ve got to get people to get interested in your video and get them to want to hear what you’ve got to say. This is totally different from Youtube where once the visitor clicks and sees your video, he also hears its sounds.

Whatever medium you decide to use, be sure to get familiar with it and understand how it works, as you’ll make different videos depending on the limits and constraints of the platform advertising your videos.

If you’re willing to advertise on Facebook, I recommend you go through the Social Media Branding Academy which covers every single ins and outs of Facebook Advertising (free or paid- video or not).

On YouTube, it’s also possible to advertise banners on videos. That’s another way to use video as your mean of advertising.

Banners Ads on Youtube - Banner advertising - source of traffic - traffic sources

Example of Banner Ads being displayed on YouTube videos.

If you want to see great examples of how to grab people’s attention and have them keep watching your video ’till the end, you’ve got to consider this course. No only will it teach you everything you need to know on video as a traffic source, but you’ll also learn exactly what you need to become a SUPER-AFFILIATE.

I really recommend you start using paid traffic. Select one method you’re interested in tapping into and go ahead and try it. Post your first ad. Start with $5. Then increase your budget as you can. Test and adjust your approach. Be sure to create your own landing pages.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed putting it together for you. I’ve really only scraped the surface as there would be a lot to cover for each traffic source. If you’re serious about becoming a Super-Affiliate and generating tons of traffic, then you’re probably going to want to have a look at this training that covers everything from creating landing pages and driving traffic to converting those leads into buyers.

It will teach you everything you’ll ever need to know about how to become a SUPER-AFFILIATE in your company or niche and crush your competition overnight. You’ll learn how to start from ZERO and raise to a super affiliate status generating over $100K per week and how you can apply this strategy to your own business today!

It’s a course which includes:

  • The 9 easy steps into creating a high-converting sales funnel
  • How to increase your opt-in rates so that you can decrease your cost per lead
  • Skills and strategies that are perhaps even more important than traffic itself
  • Going into depth with regards to the various traffic sources or channels available to you
  • Traffic: everything from strategies and tactics to the suggested tools to carry out your traffic generating activities
  • The steps you can take to maximize your list click-through, build and maintain good will with your potential clients, and uncover what the real motivation for a person is to reach their surface-level goals and keep them coming back for more
  • How to tie capturing leads, driving traffic and converting into sales and more advanced internet marketing and business strategies and opportunities for professionals
  • Industry’s most comprehensive step-by-step training program specifically designed to help you do 3 thing: earn a commission, understand how to do it over again, and scale and leverage your campaign (and your business)

Here is what you can expect on the surface level of “Become a Super-Affiliate” before diving deep into the nitty-gritty:

  • Fastest List Building Protocol EVER: in as little as 24 hours, learn how to start building a responsive list from scratch!
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Stay tuned…



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