6 Real Mistakes Affiliate Marketers Should Avoid Like The Plague

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Today, I put on the shoes of myself a few years back. I know what it feels to know you have potential and feel like you’re just vagabonding on the internet, not finding the true path to freedom. It can be very frustrating, and feel like a mountain you’ll never even get the chance to climb.

Don’t get depressed! 

It’s not as complicated as it seems.

I’ve listed for you the 6 real mistakes affiliate marketers should avoid like the plague (And it’s not 7 for the purpose of a great headline, but a real good 6 mistakes). I’m talking to you, the intermediate affiliate, who knows quite a lot already, have implemented some, but is still struggling to make $100,000/month online.

Mistakes Affiliate Marketers Make #1:


Too much information, not enough action (I’ll think “Oh, I know this one. But do you take action?).

There are more articles posted every day on affiliate marketing. You’ll never be able to read them all. It’s a fact. Relax, take what you know and IMPLEMENT.

Start somewhere, start here.

You can’t know everything, but I’m sure you know enough to start building your own list.

6 Figure in 6 Months Google Search Screen Capture - Mistakes Affiliate Marketers do when trying to make 6 figures online

How interesting? There are over 400 million results! Are you going to read them all before you start building your own list?

Mistakes Affiliate Marketers Make #2:

Shiny Objects

How many offers are you receiving everyday in your mailbox? As an affiliate marketer, you’re a jewel to the marketing world. You see, the “make money online” niche is a huge market and everyone wants a piece of it.

If you’ve found the right program for you, I encourage you to delete all temptations to look at other programs from your life. Make commissions with that program and then, you’ll look at another program to promote later on.

Here are just a few emails I've received today. I'm on several mailing lists and I'm keeping a close eye at what these marketers are doing. But let's be honest, they're all trying to sell me something!

Here are just a few emails I’ve received today. I’m on several mailing lists and I’m keeping a close eye at what these marketers are doing. But let’s be honest, they’re all trying to sell me something!

 Cure: Unsubscribe from mailing lists 


 Alternative Cure: Filter all newsletters from marketers in a separate folder so that they don’t show in your mailbox and set specific time to review the emails to grow your copywriting skills (Apply the above cure if you have no idea how to set this up in your mailbox) 

Mistakes Affiliate Marketers Make #3:

Free Traffic

There is no such thing as free traffic. Your time is worth something.

$8/hour? $200/hour? Remember that you’re reading this because you want to make 6 figures  (and have time freedom) and you’re not going to settle for any less. So with this in mind, how much is your time worth now? $10,000/hour?

You decide.

Right, so… you need a SCALABLE source of traffic. Writing a blog post everyday and doing SEO for 2 hours, averaging 4 hours of work, is not scalable. And it’s not fast to get results either!

Scalable means you can quickly and easily get more leads, thus more sales, thus more profit.

Let’s look at an example: You’re paying $5/lead on Facebook PPC and you’re converting 0.5% of these leads into buyers at $1300 profit. You need 200 leads (acquisition cost of $1000 – what you spent to get those leads) to make 1 sale, thus a profit of $1300. You just made $300.

Now, you know that you’re in profit. All you have to do to make money now, is simply buy more of those leads, and you’ll collect more money. If you now decide to spend $10,000, at the end of the funnel, you’ll be the happy earner of $3000. Plain and simple.

My friend, it’s called printing money. Once you do this, it’s like having a cash printing machine in your hands!

That’s why I encourage you to learn paid traffic. Free traffic is for those looking to make $500/month, and you’re not one of those, are you?

 Cure: Know your capture and conversion numbers (cost per click, cost per lead, cost per sale, lifetime value of your leads). If you know a lead is going to earn you $50, then you know you can spend $49.99 in lead acquisition and still make a profit, $0.01 ;). You can thus crush your competition. 

Mistakes Affiliate Marketers Make #4:

Low-Margin Products

Advertising costs are rising.

Facebook Pay Per Click, although very interesting for me, might not be for you if you’re selling a $7 product with a 50% commission.

If you’re earning $3.5 per sale – $7 x 50/100 – and you’re spending $1 a lead on Facebook, and you’re selling your product to 1% of your leads, you’re in trouble…. because you’re only going to earn $3.5 when you’ve spent $100. That’s a loss of $96.5! You could sell another product, then another product and another product, but it’s going to take forever.

 Cure: Join an Affiliate Program that offers High Commissions (at least 50%, 90% or even 100% is much more interesting), which includes a Top Tier Program (commissions going from $1000 to $10,000 and more), with built-in Upsells and Downsells for optimization. 

Mistakes Affiliate Marketers Make #5:

Lack of Focus

Are you trying to generate traffic, build a blog, create your own product or find a product to promote, create your landing page, email your list, create videos, learn new skills, do personal development and countless other things? You’ve got too much on your mind!

 Cure: Find an Affiliate Program that allows you to focus on one area of expertise


For example, I’m only focused on traffic generation and emailing my list. That’s all. Everything else is done for me. Not only is it enough for one person to focus on, but it’s also easier to duplicate for your followers, which means more success stories, thus more sales. Simple.

How did I find that program? Well, it’s a program in the program, meaning there is a company that created the products and the sales pages, but I also made a point to join a team of 6 and 7 figure affiliates which provides additional ressources (such as landing pages and much much more) to make my life easier. Click here to learn more…

Mistakes Affiliate Marketers Make #6:

Random Content Creation

Most intermediate marketers are only making a few bucks a month because they don’t start with the end in mind. Let’s say they have a blog. They’re writing every day about anything and everything. Once it’s about a tip in personal development, the day after it’s about making 6 figure with the XYZ network marketing company, then it’s about working from home as a mom, then it’s about something else.

At the end of each post, the call to action is just about sharing the post and leaving a comment.

That’s content without a purpose.

 Cure: Start with the end in mind! Develop a true content strategy:

  1. Decide what you’re promoting (product, service, program)
  2. Create content that introduces what you’re promoting one way or the other
  3. Add a call-to-action to check what you’re promoting

To help you develop an extraordinary content strategy, my affiliate team and I have put together this 5 Step Online Profit Formula and the first step is entirely dedicated to helping you create your content strategy for optimal success. Click here to gain access immediately for free… 

So if you have a blog and no product to sell, hurry to find a product  to promote.

Does this all makes sense to you?

I truly hope it does.

Now, you want a product that fits all these criteria? You just had to ask 😉 Here it is…

I’ve really enjoyed writing this blog post for you as I know it will be tremendous help to you. Be sure to implement every step as this is critical for you success.

If you haven’t gone through my 5 Step Online Profit Formula Video Training that will show you how to earn 6 figures in 6 months, be sure to click here to get access to it immediately. It will be your time well invested in your education. It’s free to learn and you’ll even get a very nice little bonus.

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