4 Success Nuggets


Last weekend, we organized a network marketing event for our team over in France and I noted a few success nuggets for you. You might know that I also have a network marketing activity here in France on top of my online business. We had the opportunity to meet with other European leaders and hear each other’s training. I took some notes as it inspired me some cool success nuggets to share with you.

When people come to their first event, whether it’s a network marketing event, an affiliate event, an online marketing training event, any event really related to making money online and reaching freedom, most people do not understand most of what is explained to them. But they often understand one thing that’s going to change their life. They understand that with whatever we’re showing them, they can reach FREEDOM. Financial freedom and time freedom.

Most people get out of the event with this one single idea only. This idea is a seed that’s never going away. They might not know the how. But if this one single idea means something to them, they’ll look into more details about whatever you’re offering.

So basically whatever event you’re promoting, make sure that it drives the idea of financial and time freedom in people’s mind, because it’s going to open a new world of possibilities that’s never going to get out of their head.

People immediately understand that to reach financial freedom, they need to rise their market value and set it up for themselves.

Success Nugget #1: What is your market value?

I wanted to inspire you to meditate on your market value. How much is your time worth? Are you deciding what your time is worth or is it someone else deciding for you? Most people are attracted to the idea of having a job with a salary because of the sense of security. In this case, you don’t get to decide every month how much you’re worth. Usually, what happens is your boss tells you how much he is ready to pay you. You might have negotiated but often, it’s not even negotiable. Then what? You’re going to earn the same amount of money for sometimes years to come, and complain that you’re not getting a raise. You’ll watch the clock all day, not being too passionated about what you do. You’ll do what you’re asked to do, not more or less, just enough to not get fired.

How much is your time worth?

Recently, I’ve heard about a study that says that 95% of people between 18 and 25 years old are bored at work. What a waste!

You know, I would not lift a finger for less than $100,000 per month. And I want to love what I’m doing. Do you think my standards are too high?

Because I think they’re just the least that I can create.

What are your expectations regarding your money-producing activities?

Success Nugget #2: You must see things, not want things.

Do you see yourself making $100,000 a month while loving what you do? Is it part of the possibilities in your reality?

A way is easy to find once you believe you can do it too.

Some people don’t ever see themselves live this kind of life while you’ve got thousands of people living the Dot Com Lifestyle worldwide, enjoying financial and time freedom, loving what they do, changing lives of others. These people are ordinary. Sometimes they never even finished high school. Sometimes, they went to College for years. Sometimes they’re young, sometimes they’re older. Do you really think any of that matter? No, most of them just believed they could do it, and they found a way. A way is easy to find once you believe you can do it too.

When you’re going to earn $5000/month, you’re going to realize that $3000 is not a lot for you.

When you’re going to earn $10,000/month, you’re going to realize that $5000 is not a lot for you.

When you’re going to earn $100,000/month, you’re going to realize that $10,000 is nothing for you.

When you’re going to earn $1,000,000/month, you’re going to realize that $100,000 is nothing for you.

So when are you going to accept these possibilities for you and start taking action?

It’s not like I would let you in nature all by yourself. We’ve worked out a complete training system and a set of amazing tools from top to bottom to guide you through the path of your success.

What I’ve learned is that most people don’t take action just because they’re afraid it’s not going to work for them, and they think that $100,000 is just too much for them, that it’s not for them. Just for this reason: they haven’t tried it, they haven’t given it all they have, they even haven’t started the damned business. They just quit on themselves before they even got anything started. What a waste! What a waste of your abilities, your personal strengths and power! You’re just locked up in your beliefs of what is available to you and what is not. It’s your beliefs, the way you see reality. But it’s not reality.

Most people just quit on themselves before they even got anything started.

Success Nugget #3: Expand Your Money Mindset

success nuggetsWhat if you could believe in yourself?

And it just starts with a small little step. Because going from $0 online to $100,000 seems like walking to the moon: impossible. Too hard. Exaggerated. Hype. Especially when you’ve never made that type of money. So the only solution is to go from one plateau to the other. The faster you can expand your money mindset, that faster you’ll get to $1,000,000 and even multimillions. So think about this for a second: how much money seems easy for you to make online? $500? $100? $10? $1?

How can you make $10 online? How about selling something you don’t use on Craigslist?

This is just about entering into the world of new possibilities and build new financial beliefs in your mind.

Success Nugget #4: You create your reality. 

I’m being very honest with you. When I got started with network marketing and then online marketing, I didn’t believe I could ever make $10,000 per month consistently. My first step was to make $500. Then $1,000. Then $3,000. Then $5,000. Then $10,000. Then $15,000. Then $20,000. Then $30,000. Then $40,000 and so on.

You see all these steps? They’re only in the mind.

I had to go through all those steps just because my mind couldn’t conceive to go from $0 to $30,000. To go from $0 to $100,000 quickly.

But reality is that when a multimillionaire loses everything, it doesn’t take very long until he builds it again. How come? All the connexions are already made in his mind.

Most people don’t understand the quote below:Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill - Success Nuggets

Whatever your mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. – Napoleon Hill.

But that’s exactly what I’ve been talking to you about in a very concrete way, with real numbers, that you could see on your bank account in no time.

You probably have heard this quote before but did you integrate it in your mind, heart and spirit? Is it a part of you?

Believe in yourself

Make a list of your past accomplishments

To begin to believe in yourself, it’s very important that you acknowledge your past successes. Take a pen and a piece of paper, and make a list of what you have accomplished at some point in your life. Include everything, even minor accomplishments, or what feels normal/average to you. We tend to be too hard on ourselves and not celebrate our accomplishments enough. You need to build a new wire in your mind so that your mind will start creating more accomplishments.

Don’t stop just there. Out of your list, try to find patterns in your successes. Find what you’ve done well over and over again in order to identify your skills and strengths. Start writing those skills and strengths in a separate column to have them stand out. Start making a list of what you admire about yourself in a third column. It might feel pretentious at first, but it’s not. You need to know your strengths and skills to have confidence and a good self-esteem.

Talk to people who love you

Sometimes, it’s hard to find what you’re good at, what qualities you’ve got. There is a great exercice to get unstucked. Simply ask someone who loves you. Sometimes, it’s difficult for us to see the best things about ourselves, but people who love us will have an easy time telling us what they like about us.

You could simply ask: “Lately I have been feeling like I am not good at anything, but I am trying to move past that and identify my skills. What do you think I am good at?”

Repeat this with 25 people. Email them or create a short survey on SurveyMonkey (free) to keep it anonymous. Only ask for strengths and skills. Keep this positive. Ask your old friends, family members, coworkers, community members, anyone who knows you really. It will turn out very empowering for you, trust me.

Find a cause to believe in

When we rest our self-esteem on other’s feedback (trying to please everyone), it can be hard to believe in yourself. One great way to get out of this trap is to find a cause or a project that you truly believe in. The passion that you feel for these causes or projects (just one is enough if you’re passionate about it), will help you achieve more, and thus be proud of yourself.

Set realistic goals

Setting goals is a huge subject and we could be here all day talking about it. Goals are dreams with a date. You also must believe in your goals. If you don’t believe you can achieve your goals, you won’t achieve them. To make these goals realistic, you need to make sure they’re in line with your skills. You also need to believe that you can achieve this goal in the timeframe you’ve set. Be sure to include a bit of challenge or you’ll never expand your mind. But keep it doable.

If you always set goals you never achieve, it’ll be counterproductive: you’ll lose your self-esteem!

Once you accomplish that goal, you can move on to another small attainable goal. When you set your next goal, ask yourself: “What would be the next goal?” Do I believe I could get there straight away or not?

For example, if you set a goal to make $500 online next month: ask yourself what skills you’re going to need and whether you have them or not. Also ask yourself how much money you’d need to spend in advertising and set out a budget.

Let’s say you’ve reached that goal. Then set your next goal. Let’s say you set it to $1,000 the second month. For example, ask yourself: “Could I make $1,200?” Does it make a big difference in your mind or does your mind kinda think $1,000 and $1,200 are the same thing? Because it does make a difference in the long run. Try to challenge yourself: “What about $1,500 the second month?” Does it sound impossible? The more you push yourself, the faster you’ll get to the big money. Attainable goals (but still a big challenging) help you get closer to your long-term goal.

And always celebrate your achievements!

Since it’s challenging (but still realistic), be prepared to have to go outside of your comfort zone now and then! Even though you are setting realistic goals, you might need to do things that you don’t normally do in order to accomplish your goals. Realistic is pessimistic. So always add a pinch of challenging!

After you set a goal, if this is the right goal really, you’ll need to kick your butt to achieve it. If it’s a pleasant drive, you haven’t challenged yourself enough! If it gets too difficult, try breaking your goal into a series of smaller goals and get to them one at a time.

Reflect at the end of each day

Gratitude and self-reflection are habits of highly successful people. They’re big component of self-improvement. It will help you tremendously to acknowledge what you’re doing very well and what you still need to work on. At the end of each day, take a few moments to reflect on your activities. In your bed, right before going to sleep, reflect on how your day went. If you have a day where you don’t really see any accomplishment, or that you feel disappointed about yourself, try to think about something to learn from the situation, in order to avoid repeating the same mistakes again.

Be persistent

You’ve heard this one before, haven’t you? But again, you know it, but do you do it? Failure shouldn’t be a possibility. It’s perfectly normal to struggle with something the first time you do it. Even the second time. Even the tenth time. You should just get better at it. Give yourself permission to experiment without worrying about the consequences. Play with it. Improvise. Making $100,000/month will take some experimenting, trial and error. But at the end, I know you can do it. But do you know that you can do it?

You know it, but do you do it?

I hope that with these action steps, you will grow your self-esteem and confidence. Apply, learn about yourself, grow.

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