3 Steps to Making Sales Online

Making sales online : traffic capture convert

Making sales online consists of 3 simple steps: capture, traffic and convert.

These are simple, though many people trying to make money online are not using them. I see too often people pasting their affiliate link hoping that someone will come across it and signs up just like that, not knowing you or the company for that matter.

It’s called SPAM and most people do not appreciate it. Especially on Facebook where most people are not looking to buy anything. There is actually a study that shows that people are not ready to buy your offer on Facebook. They first want to get to know you and what you’re up to.

Then they’ll take a look at your offer and maybe buy from you. It’s such a waste of time to just promote your link everywhere. Actually if you look at all the Dot Com millionaires out there, you’ll see that none of them are doing that: none of them are just promoting their affiliate sales link all over the web.

They’re using what I’m about to reveal to you, and they’re having much better results. This is exactly the 3 simple steps I use for my own online business, and everyone I know who’s having success online use them. So you better start too… 😉

Step #1: Capture

Oh yes, it’s about capturing email addresses! Why in the world would you send people to your company’s link where you can’t even track how many visits you’re getting! Haven’t you heard that most people need to see the same offer 7 times to even pay attention? With Facebook having millions of users, how do you hope to get in touch even a second time with the lucky person who clicked on your link if you don’t have his email address?

So first things first, you need a capture page.

You need a page on the internet that’s going to look something like that:

The Facebook Cheat Sheet Lead Magnet

The Facebook Cheat Sheet Lead Magnet To Capture Leads and Making Sales Online

As you can see, it’s got a headline, a subheadline, an opt-in form and a few bullet points. Your visitors will leave you their email address in exchange for something of value that’s going to help them solve one of their problems. It’s called a lead magnet. To create your landing page, just use ClickFunnel, it’s very intuitive.

You can either create your lead magnet or find a system who’s already created it for you, but make sure you’re building your own list, not someone else’s list! As a reminder, I give you my landing pages, funnels and lead magnets when you join MTTB. If you really want to build your own list, you’ll need your own autoresponder account. I recommend you use Aweber.

Step #2: Traffic

Once you’ve got your capture page ready, all you have to do is drive traffic to this page.

You can do what you’re probably already doing, pasting your link everywhere, except that this time, it’s the link to your capture page, where you’ll be collecting emails instead of sending them to your company’s website. It’s very important as you’ll be building your own list, and you now have the opportunity to stay in touch with your leads and show them your offer several times, with different approaches, and you can also build a great relationship with your leads on autopilot. It’s important that your leads know, like and trust you if you want to generate sales.

Of course, pasting your link everywhere on Facebook is not very efficient. It’s one way to do things, and it can work, but it’s not what the Dot Com millionaires are doing.

What internet marketing millionaires are doing is they’re using Paid Traffic. Yes, it involves having you spend some money, but it has 2 advantages:

  • It’s faster
  • It’s scalable

If course, you’ll need to learn some skills. For example, if you want to generate leads using Facebook PPC, there is this great course from my good friend Michelle called “Social Media Branding Academy” which I recommend you get. It includes everything you need to know about Facebook to create your fan page, promote your page and generate leads and sales on Facebook using both free and paid traffic. All instructions are clearly explained and you will get to have an online community to ask your questions. Great place to be!

If you’ve already bought Facebook courses and you’ve followed them but you’re still struggling to generate leads on Facebook, either the course was crap or you need some more guidance. Michelle (the Facebook queen really) has created the Power Player’s Club, which I’m a part of.

This Club is for people who are really serious about growing their list and their business on Facebook. Michelle hosts one webinar every week and she personally answers questions on Facebook and during the webinar.

A few weeks back, I was personally having some trouble finding the right interests to target to generate leads on my landing page (for a new offer I’m promoting).

I tried a couple of ads but I wasn’t happy with the results. I asked Michelle for her help, gave her some details about what I had done, and Michelle gave me some more options/ideas to explore.

I tried them and a few days later, I was having my biggest day ever: if you’ve been on my list, you know that a few days ago, I generated more leads than I ever did, and looking at the numbers right now, I might cross this personal record again today! I’ve done some projection and just this part of my business should generate me an additional $10,000 this month. Pretty cool…

The membership fee for the Power Player’s Club is only $97 and you should make it worth your spending really quickly if you follow her instructions.

When it comes to paid traffic, I think Facebook PPC is the easiest method to get started with.

The reason is you can really control your budget and you can start with a budget as low as $5 a day (or every 2 days… depending on your monthly budget). It’s really cool because this makes it available to anyone. I’m able to generate leads for as low as $2 (these are very targeted, ready-to-buy leads). Sometimes, I’m able to generate leads at $1 or a bit less but these won’t buy right away (for most of them).

Anyway, considering I’m promoting a Top Tier Program and that I know my numbers, I personally can only be in profit. Wouldn’t you want that for you too?

Let’s talk about the 3rd and last step: conversion.


Step #3: Convert

Conversion just means having your leads become buyers of your offers (whether they’re online products, services, webinars, online events…etc). Conversion is about building a relationship of know, like and trust, first. People have to be confident in your capability to solve their problems with integrity to buy from you. If they don’t trust you and feel like you’re some kind of online jerk hiding behind your computer, selling stuff you don’t know anything about, and you’re just there to make a bunch of money screwing as many people as possible on your way, you know what, you’re not going to sell anything.

Building a relationship starts with frequency. Just like with your friends at home. What happens if you meet someone, you like this person, but you don’t hear from him back for one month? You’ve forgotten about him. It’s the same online. If your leads don’t hear from you every day but only once a month, they won’t even remember they gave you their email address. So you need to email your list EVERYDAY. Or at least 5 days a week if you don’t want to email on weekends. You can always prepare your emails going out on weekends, during the week and plan those emails in your autoresponder.

Some people just don’t listen and don’t do it. Sometimes, you could be out of inspiration. But just a few lines is still contact. Make contact every day. Opt-in to a couple of other industry leaders and get inspiration from their messages (don’t copy!). You’ll find something to talk about.

Drive your leads to your offer. About 20% of the time, make sure you’re clearly promoting your offer. It can be through a video, a blog post, a webinar,…etc but make sure this is driving your leads towards what you’re promoting, towards your offer. If you don’t do that, you’ll just be offering free content, which is cool and part of the game, but you need to make some money as well.

That’s all for today. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this training as much as I enjoyed creating it for you.

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If you have a question, please leave a comment below and I’ll make sure to get back to you asap.

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