100 Ideas To Create Content

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You know how important it is to communicate with your audience on a regular basis. It’s actually best to send your list an email everyday.

But it’s not always easy to come up with new ideas for your content several times a week.

Content marketing will also contribute to establish you as an authority in your niche. Content will help you brand yourself on the topic you’re talking about. It’ll also give you content to share on you social media profiles. You’ll also be able to promote your blog posts through Facebook ads.

I was going to create this list of “100 Ideas to create content” for myself and I decided to share it with you as a blog post as I knew you would find great benefits from it. I’ve put a  next to the ideas that are the easiest to implement. Check the source for more details. Enjoy!

  1. Write a list post that offers solutions to a common problem of your target market – Source LifeHack
  2. List your favorites of the month
  3. Make an A to Z list related to your industry – Source ArtJournalist
  4. Compile a list of the best niche-related jokes – Source Stringcan
  5. List your favorite blogs in your niche – Source Stringcan
  6. Compile a list of best information sources in your industry (Youtube channels, websites, newsletters, podcasts…etc) – Source SearchEngineWatch
  7. Create a To-Do List relevant to your audience – Source ArtJournalist
  8. List tools and ressources you use in your industry – Source SmartPassiveIncome
  9. Make a list of frequently asked questions – Source LifeHack
  10. List quotes from big players in your industry – Source SearchEngineWatch
  11. Create a pros and cons list – Source BufferApp
  12. Share your recommended reading list – Source BufferApp
  13. List the best Apps in your niche – Source StarBloggingOnline
  14. Create a list of free ebooks – Source StarBloggingOnline
  15. Create a list of inspirational quotes for your industry – Source OptinMonster
  16. Create a checklist to help your target market with a repetitive task or something new – Source SmartPassiveIncome
  17. Create a SAQ post (Should-Ask-Question) – Source DigitalMarketer
  18. Create a random question post – it will help your audience connect with you and get to know you better
  19. A quick start guide on something highly complicated and heavy in nature – Source SmartPassiveIncome
  20. A beginner’s guide – Source ImpactBnd
  21. An advanced guide – Source ImpactBnd
  22. Survey your readers – Source LifeHack
  23. Read your comments
  24. Go through your sent emails to your customers or potential customers
  25. Explain your own successes and failures – source SingleGrain
  26. Create best case and worst case studies – Source SingleGrain
  27. Educate your audience
  28. Write about current events in your industry
  29. Create a Challenge – Source LifeHack
  30. Whom do you admire? Write a post about them and why you admire them – Source LifeHack
  31. Write a love letter to your readers – Source LifeHack
  32. Reply to a controversial blog post or video in your industry – Source Forbes
  33. Interview experts and bloggers in your niche – Source LifeHack
  34. Write a personal story – Source LifeHack
  35. Check discussions thread on LinkedIn and Facebook – Source LifeHack
  36. Create a mind-blowing useful tutorial – Source LifeHack
  37. What bugs you about your topic or industry? Source LifeHack
  38. Write an honest review of a product, service, training you bought recently connected to your niche – Source LifeHack
  39. Publish testimonials – Source GravitateDesign
  40. Write a book review – Source ConvinceAndConvert
  41. Curate Content – Source CopyBlogger 
  42. Explain your success – Source CopyBlogger
  43. Link to old favorites in your archive – Source CopyBlogger 
  44. Force a link between 2 unrelated things – Source CopyBlogger
  45. Recycle old posts into something new – Source CopyBlogger with an awesome example
  46. Debunk a myth or misconception – Source SearchEngineWatch
  47. Solve a common problem
  48. Profile an industry leader – Source SearchEngineWatch – Tell people more about this person (his story, his company, his success and failures) and how he’s inspiring you
  49. Profile companies in your niche – Source Stringcan
  50. Revisit hot topics or popular industry figures from years ago. Where are they now? – Source SearchEngineWatch
  51. Share the best takeaways from an industry event you attended or a training course you bought – Source SearchEngineWatch
  52. Share what you learned from implementing a training course you bought or attended – Source SearchEngineWatch
  53. Repurpose video content by either embedding the video and transcribing it below, or starting a new conversation about the video – Source SearchEngineWatch
  54. Summarize complex long blog posts into shorter more digestible posts and link to the longer version for more information – Source SearchEngineWatch 
  55. Develop short posts into longer more detailed blog posts and link to the shorter version 
  56. Use a fairy tale’s storyline and adapt it to make it relevant to your topic and audience – Source SearchEngineWatch
  57. What did you just do? Others could benefit from it – Source CompeteThemes
  58. Has anything agitated you recently? Write about it – Source CompeteThemes
  59. Create a day in the life post – Source JuntaeDelane
  60. Create a ranking post with the Top 10 or even Top 100 of something relevant to your industry – Source ImpactBnd
  61. Gather industry statistics – Source ImpactBnd
  62. Insert a PowerPoint presentation you have laying around, using Slideshare – Source ImpactBnd
  63. Share life hacks to solve common problems relevant to your audience’s daily life – Source ImpactBnd
  64. Review a movie relevant to your industry – Source ImpactBnd
  65. Share an example – Source ImpactBnd
  66. What would you as a reader, like to read? Write it! – Source DreamGrow
  67. Share what’s going on behind the scenes – Source LyfeMarketing
  68. Share a tip or trick that most people aren’t aware of – Source LyfeMarketing
  69. Pick a complicated common word in your industry and define it – Source DigitalMarketer
  70. Bring multiple influencers together to answer a single question – Source DigitalMarketer
  71. Compare your product/service to others in your industry – Source DigitalMarketer
  72. Create a quiz post – Source BufferApp
  73. Create a glossary – Source BufferApp
  74. Create a cheat sheet post – Source BufferApp
  75. Describe how you use the product/service you’re promoting – Source BufferApp
  76. Describe a process of your day that might resonate with your audience – Source BufferApp
  77. Describe mistakes you see others making – Source BufferApp
  78. Write about how you see the future in your industry – Source BufferApp
  79. Describe the history of your industry from inception to today – Source BufferApp
  80. Sum up the year that was – Source BufferApp
  81. Answer the “how to ____ on a budget” – Source Fizzle
  82. Tell a personal secret – Source StarBloggingOnline
  83. Share your blog’s income and traffic numbers – Source StarBloggingOnline
  84. Write a post about the things you regret doing/ not doing – Source StarBloggingOnline
  85. Post an obvious lie. Then respond to it with the proper answer in a different post. – Source StarBloggingOnline
  86. Post about the most important lessons you’ve learned so far in this industry – Source StarBloggingOnline
  87. Publish a “What if…” post – Source StarBloggingOnline
  88. Make a post about future plans – Source StarBloggingOnline
  89. Create a link bait – Source Moz
  90. Dare your readers to do something – Source StarBloggingOnline
  91. Shoutout to your mentors and fans – Source StarBloggingOnline
  92. Tell your readers who to follow on Twitter or what page to like on Facebook – Source StarBloggingOnline
  93. Play the devil’s advocate on a particular issue – Source Stringcan
  94. Explain what NOT to do in your niche – Source Stringcan
  95. Write about the ideal skillset to have in your niche – Source Stringcan
  96. Write about what you’d do if you HAD $1,000 (ore more) to spend on something related to your niche – Source Stringcan
  97. Write about the top things someone should know when getting started in your industry – Source OptinMonster
  98. Write about ways you’ve found to save time – Source OptinMonster
  99. Write a post about where you find your inspiration
  100. Write about the history of the company you’re promoting – Source OptinMonster

I’ve gone through dozens of lists of ideas online. Some were totally irrelevant. Some related more to how to find ideas and get inspiration so I’ve put them aside for maybe another blog post as I wanted to focus on giving you ideas, not ways to get ideas.

This list is full of gems to me, and I hope it is for you to, but there are some real gems of gems in this list and you’re probably going to see some on the blogs in the weeks to come.

If you find this list helpful, please share it on Facebook, Twitter or any other of your favorite social medias.

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