Content Strategy – Become a Sponge Brain

In this mini video blog, I share with you a quick overview of how I generate new ideas for my content. This way, you can model my journey to create your 6 figure online income. If you got value, share it! If you’re looking to build a 6 figure income online, you’re likely going to…

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53 Ways to Build Your Online Authority That Will Bring You Out Of The Shadow

brand authority positioning, build your brand, grow your authority, online authority, build authority, grow brand,

Online authority, you need it, you want it, but do you know how to earn it? Brand authority has nothing to do with justice… It’s about possessing personal power, that kind of power that shortens sales cycles and attracts buyers. Everyone wants online authority but very few really know how to get it. Building personal…

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37 Ways to Come Up With New Ideas For Blog Posts

ways to come up with new ideas for your blog posts facebook posts twitter posts stimulate creativity

Compelling irresistible ideas come from having lots of ideas to choose from. No one can come up with amazing ideas every time. But out of 10 ideas you come up  with, there’ll be one that’s great. Out of 10 that are great, one’ll be amazing. Out of 10 amazing ideas, you’ll get one outstanding ideas.…

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100 Ideas To Create Content

ideas, creativity for blog post and content

You know how important it is to communicate with your audience on a regular basis. It’s actually best to send your list an email everyday. But it’s not always easy to come up with new ideas for your content several times a week. Content marketing will also contribute to establish you as an authority in…

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How To VLOG To Increase Sales

explore your options on blackboard background

In the world of the online business industry, one of the most effective strategies to attract viewers to your site and build a relationship with your list is to VLOG (VLOG stands for Video Blog). You can find more and more VLOG channels on Youtube nowadays. Travelers first started using video blogging to help show their viewers what experiences and adventures…

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VLOG Millionaire Mindset & E. Brian Rose (from JVZOO)


As an online marketer, it’s important to grow your vision about becoming  an online millionaire. In this video, I cover different ways to grow your millionaire mindset and making 6 and 7 figures online. If you don’t know any online millionaires, or you only know Frank Kern, (the most famous one?), I’m telling you about…

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First VLOG – Taking Action & Implement


Through that first official VLOG in English, I wanted to be an example of what it takes to succeed. Leaders take action. Successful people take action. No matter which business, what product, which industry, no action = no result. Are you interested in making videos yourself? You may like VLOGGING: it’s fun, value content for…

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Online Marketing Freedom | Sneak Peak Into My Life

I’m probably not the first blog you read about online marketing freedom, having an online business and making money from home… If you’re serious about starting your own online business, you’ve probably read dozens of blog posts, watched dozens of videos on Youtube, and checked out multiple products and biz opp’ to promote online. You’ve…

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Group Coaching for Accountability

confidence, trust, thanks to group coaching

Are you a lonely marketer fighting daily against traffic, leads, affiliate links and optimization, trying to figure out this internet marketing “thing”? Are you skipping days – not emailing your list every day like you should – because you’re not getting much results and you don’t see how it makes a difference? Are you here for the…

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3 Steps To Online Millionaire Success

Project Breakthrough

You’ve heard of online millionaires… such as Vick Strizheus, who claims to have made $3 million online, including one three week period where he earned $728,000 (which is said to have broken records in the network marketing/affiliate marketing space). Since you want to be an online millionaire as well and live the Dot Com Lifestyle, let’s see…

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